Thursday, March 27, 2008

03/23/08 - 03/29/08

Dear seafarer's friends, 03/23/08 - 03/29/08

Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. (Php. 1:2)
ships visited this week
4 ships on Monday:
LU XUN - Chinese. The vessel was ready to sail. 1 salvation.
CHOPIN - Polish, and Chinese. The polish captain is a Christian, and the Chinese bosun is a Christian.
Fairly receptive. 3 salvations.
STAR GRIP, and CENTURY ELKHORN - All Filipino. Prayed and blessed their families and the
9 ships on Tuesday:
STAR GRIP, SIROCCO, and ORIENTAL - All Filipino, revisit the ship; Filipino and Russian; All Filipino,
prayed and blessed the ships.
GETALDIC - Croatian. Only distribute some Gospel booklets.
REBECCA, and LYRA - Ukrainian; and Russian. Shared the Russian Scriptural materials with them.
TSGT JOHN A. CHAPMAN - American. All the crew were not there, only a security guard on the
deck. He said that I was very nice, so I left him a NIV and blessed his family.
RICKMERS NEW ORLEANS - German. A very sweet female cadet was sitting on top of the gangway.
I didn't have any German Bible to give to her, only shaked her hands and blessed her vessel. I need
some German Scriptures..
CONFIDENCE OCEAN - Chinese. I didn't go on the ship, only gave the Scriptures, Jesus DVD's and
the Gospel newspapers to the 2nd officer and prayed with him to ask Jesus to coming to his heart.
4 ships on Thursday:
TRISTEIN - Ukrainian. Gave out Scriptures and they received them gladly..
ELENI K, UAL ANGOLA, and NANDU AROW - All Filipino; Filipino; Filipino and Indian. They all had
Scriptures on board but none of the ship had Bible study. Prayed with them and blessed the vessels.
Pastor Malone is still having a lot of Doctor's appointments. We need to keep praying for him.
The trip to Braizil World Conference was really worthwhile. I made friends in Christ there, and had a closer look of what I called a universal church there too.
The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit. Amen. (Php. 4:23)
Your brothers In Christ Tom Malone and Thomas Tao

Thursday, March 13, 2008

03/09/08 - 03/15/08

Dear seafarer's friends, 03/09/08 - 03/15/08

Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. (Eph. 1:2)
YUAN PING SEA is sailing to New Orleans this coming weekend.
ships visited this week
6 ships on Monday:
ANNA DESGAGNES, UTA, and ATLANTIC GALAXY - All Russian; Russian, and Ukrainian; Russian,
and mostly Indian. Russian is proud of their own language even they can speak English. I prayed with a
Russian Christian in English, he seemed a little bit uneasy. There were four Indian Christians on
GRAND PAVO, and WINDSOR CASTLE - All Filipino; Russian, Bulgarian, and Filipino. Prayed with
them, blesse their families and their vessels.
BASIC RELIANCE - 2 Korean, and 19 Chinese. We were on this ship many times before. All new
crew. Prayed with ten people to come to Christ at dinner.
8 ships on Tuesday:
and Croatian. Prayed with them and confirmed their faith in Jesus Christ. Blessed their vessels.
BERNARDO QUINTANA A, and HIGH PROSPERITY - Indian, and Filipino. 2 Indian Christians on each
ship. God is still giving opportunities to Indian to turn from their false gods to the true and living God.
OCEAN TITAN - American. It was thought to be a Filipino crew, but turned out to be an American crew.
They all have Bibles. So I just prayed with them. May God bless their families and the vessel.
GULF JASH - Russian. Receptive.
SMOLYAN - Bulgarian. 2 Bulgarian Christians came to receive their Scriptures, Jesus DVD's and the
3 ships on Thursday:
STAR THETA - Russian, and Filipino. The Russian was happier than the Filipino to receive the
ZEYNEP A - Turkish crew and Ukrainian captain. Friendly welcomed, They even kept us for dinner
but we politely declined.
FU AN CHENG - Chinese. We were on this ship last November. The boatswain knew us. His family are
Christians. We chatted about the faith and religion until we had to leave.
James from West Houston Chinese Church came and visited the ships with me today.
Pastor Malone still has a lot of Doctor's appointments to keep. He is getting better but needs more rest.
I am going to Brazil for the seamen mission World Conference from 03/14/08 - 03/21/08. Weekly ship visitation report will be resumed after I come back.
Grace to all who love our Lord Jesus Christ with an undying love. (Eph. 6:24)
Your brothers In Christ Tom Malone and Thomas Tao

Sunday, March 9, 2008

03/02/08 - 03/08/08

Dear seafarer's friends, 03/02/08 - 03/08/08

Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. (Gal. 1:3)
ships visited this week
Steve went with a Chinese minister on the Chinese ship DA QING on Wednesday.
5 ships on Thursday:
GEM OF MANGALORE - Indian. 7 Christians on board, 4 of them from Goan including the chief cook.
Almost everyone had a copy of the Jesus movie DVD including the captain. One of them wanted me to
pray for his family.
CHEMBULK GIBRALTAR - Burmese. Receptive.
RICKMERS DALIAN, STAR FLORIDA, and JO ASK - Filipino, Romanian, Bulgarian, and Polish
captain; Mainly Filipino; Mainly Filipino. They received the Gospel materials and blessings with
3 ships on Friday:
NAVIG8 STEALTH, SPT CRUSADER, and JAG PUSHPA - All Indian. Friendly welcomed. 3 Christians and 3 Hindus came to pray with us on NAVIG8 STEALTH; 2 Christians on SPT CRUSADER. Hindus
believed in all gods. We just prayed with them that there is only one true God. His name is Jesus and
He lives in those people's hearts. Those who believe in Him and accept Him as their own personal Lord
and Savior.
One person from the senior group of West Houston Chinese Church came and visited the ships with me today. He is 77 years old.
Pastor Malone had good reports form the doctors yesterday. He needs some exercise and plenty of rest.
3 ships on Saturday:
JULIA, and RICKMERS DALIAN - All Ukrainian; Filipino, German, Polish, Romanian, Croatian, and
Ukrainian. Responsive.
YUAN PING SEA - Chinese. We were on this vessel last November and a few times before. Many
familiar faces. I shared the God's Word with the captain and asked him to let me help him to invite
Jesus to coming into his heart. We also asked everyone in the dinning room to let us say grace and
give thanks to the Lord before the meal.
A young Christian from WHCC came with me to visit the ships today. Thank the Lord for the partnership.
The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit, brothers. Amen. (Gal. 6:18)
Your brothers In Christ Tom Malone and Thomas Tao