Monday, December 24, 2007

12/23/07 - 12/30/07

Dear seafarer's friends, 12/23/07 - 12/29/07

Grace and peace be yours in abundance. (1 Pet. 1:2)
ships visited this week
6 ships on Monday:
Filipino. Good and quiet visits like the Christmas eve.
ROSBORG - Polish. Gave them the passion of the Christ DVD.
GAS FRIEND, and NORDANA MATHILDE - Korean, Chinese; and mainly Chinese.
1 Chinese salvation on the first ship. 10 Chinese got together and prayed the salvation
prayer on the second ship.
Thomas will be out of Houston from 12/26/07 to 01/07/07. Email will be resumed after 01/08/07.
Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Peace to all of you who are in Christ. (1 Pet. 5:14)

Your brothers In Christ Tom Malone and Thomas Tao

Friday, December 21, 2007

12/16/07 - 12/22/07

Dear seafarer's friends, 12/16/07 - 12/22/07

12/15: 1 ship.
OZAY-5 - Turkish. At first no visitor was allowed on board, but God opened the door for
entry. They were receptive on hearing about Jesus birth. The captain came to see me
and asked questions. The vessel came under the power of the Holy Spirit. Much Seed
was planted as they took Turkish Bibles, Scripture portions, literature and Jesus
DVDs. Please read Luke 10:5-7.
ships visited this week
11 ships on Monday:
PETROKREPOST, and PILTENE - Russian. Good responses
EAGLE CENTAURUS, and MAERSK PEARL - Indian, Chinese, Malaysian, Burmese,
British, Ukrainian, and Filipino. Prayed with 1 Chinese and 1 Hindu with the salvation
BERGE EAGLE, and MARATHON - Greek, Norwegian, and Fillipino. Prayed with
them, blessed the ships and their families.
SAGA INTERPRISE - Indian. 4 Cgristians and 2 conversions. It's amazing that so
many came to the messroom to receive their Scriptures and DVDs. The Indians are
gentle, humble people. Some Hindus are seeking the truths see John 14:6.
DOVER CASTLE - Bulgarian, and Sri Lanka. Both nationalities were receptive.
Although the Sri Lankans are nominal Budhists, many are seekers. Two of them were
Christians and one salvation. Many had an interest in this Christmas.
CEC FAITH, BB MAINE, and GLOBAL LEGACY - Russian, and mainly Filipino. As
the name of that 1 vessel indicates, many expressed their faith in Jesus. Prayed and
blessed them.
8 ships on Tuesday:
Indian, and mainly Russian. Some old faces from the previous visits. Receptive.
NEW AMITY, and STOLT TAURUS - Korean, Chinese, and mainly Filipino. Had great
opportunity to chat with the seaman we met on previous visit and prayed with them.
ITB PHILADELPHIA - American. Gave out one NT and Christmas blessings.
TAHIR KIRAN - Turkish. It was a very friendly welcome. Some received the Gospel
materials and the Bible.
10 ships on Thursday:
DOVER CASTLE - Greek, and Filipino. Good and short visit.
TAHIR KIRAN - Turkish. Revisit.
MAERSK WAVE, and MONIUSZKO - Indian, Filipino, Polish, and Chinese. Warmly
welcomed. 2 Christians was recognized on board.
HAI AN CHENG - Chinese. 2 Christians on board. We didn't plan to have dinner on the ship, but we ended up eating with them. Everybody in the dinning room standed up
and gave thanks to the Lord at the meal.
We had 2 volunteers from Houston Chinese church and one from Chinese Lutheran
Church to help us visiting the ships today. Praise the Lord.
HERAKLES - Greek, mainly Filipino. Shared with them the Christmas joy. Many
opportinities for teaching them the Word from the cradle to the cross.
3 ships on Friday:
ALAM MESRA - Chinese. Couldn't get on the ship because of security reason. But the
Lord brought one officer down at the gangway, he became the only one salvation and
took a lot of the Scriptural materials and some Christmas presents.
NAVIGATOR NEPTUNE - Filipino, Ukrainian, and Polish. Received the Christian CDs,
and DVDs with a great gratitude.
PACIFIC CELEBES - Chinese, Filipino, and British captain. We gave the eight
Chinese seamen each a Christmas present and a simplified Holy Bible and a Jesus
DVD. Prayed together with 4 of them. Bless the daptain and the Filipinos.
Grace be with you all. (Heb. 13:25)

Your brothers In Christ Tom Malone and Thomas Tao

Friday, December 14, 2007

12/09/07 - 12/15/07

Dear seafarer's friends, 12/09/07 - 12/15/07

Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. (Phm. 3)
12/07: 5 ships.
JANA, and AURORA SAPPHINE - Russian, and Filipino.
SAKURA PRINCESS, GOLDEN VENUS, and JO EIK - Filipino. Good visits. Spreading the true meaning of Christmas. The chief officer is having Bible study on board the
GOLDEN VENUS. He's having a great response. He was supplied with Bibles and
many other Christian materials. Blessed these vessels in the name of our newborn
ships visited this week
8 ships on Monday:
NS CORONA, CEC MORNING, and TIKHVIN - Russian. Good responses
MARITINA, OPAL QUEEN, and STOLT SAPPHIRE - Indonesian, Romanian, Greek,
Chinese, Latvian, and mainly Filipino. Some Filipino are very clear about their
salvation, some don't.
KASHMIR - Croatian, and Indian. 3 Christians. It was the first time being on a ship with
a jacob's ladder. What an adventure.
GAS FRIEND - All Korean. 3 Christians. Encouraged the Christians.
8 ships on Wednesday:
ATTLANTIC - Italian, Indian, and mainly Filipino. Very well received. Wasn't able to
accept all the invitations to go on board most of these vessels. Prayed for them to
have peace in the name of the Prince of Peace.
MARE CARIBBEAN, BBC EUROPE , and MARIANAO ICE - Russian. They were also
very receptive to reciive the greatest gift of all.
9 ships on Thursday:
VIRGEN DEL CARMEN II - Peruvian. They all happy with the Scriptures as the
Christimas presents.
GASCHEM ICE, PAC DENER, BBC MAIN, and JO PALM - Russian, Ukrainian,
German, Romanian, Chinese, and Filipino. Pretty good responses from all the ships.
JAG PRERANA, and CIELO DI MILANO - Indian, Russian, and Romanian. 4
Christians on the first ship, 1 Hindu salvation on each ship. They liked the 2008
calendars we gave out. It has the Bible verses on it.
PANAM FLOTA - Indian. 5 were instructed about the true meaning of Christmas who
then received Jesus as their Savior. One of them was delivered from smoking. The
captain came to be blessed together with his crew. The 3 Christians were faithful
CHEMBULK VIRGIN GORD - Burmese. There were no Christians on board, but many
came to receive their Jesus DVD. There were many opportunities for testimony.
2 ships on Friday:
RATNA PUJA - All Indian. There were 5 Christians on board. Prayed with 6 Hindus and
1 Moslem to receive Jesus. One of the 6 Hindus was the captain.
PHILIPPOS - All Filipino but 1 Romanian. Receptive.
The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you spirit. (Phm. 25)

Your brothers In Christ Tom Malone and Thomas Tao

Friday, December 7, 2007

12/02/07 - 12/08/07

Dear seafarer's friends, 12/02/07 - 12/08/07

Grace, and peace from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Savior. (Tit. 1:4)
11/30: 6 ships.
and NIPPON STAR - Russian, Maldivian, and mainly Filipino. They took the Word of
God including the strict Muslims from the Maldive islands. We are careful to personally
give the seamen Scriptures so as not to waste any. We are accountable to God for
His Word as ministers of the Gospel.
FURIA R - Russian, Burmese and 1 Nigerian. The Nigerian and some of the Burmese
were known from previous ships. Prayed and blessed them and their families. 1
Burmese humbly prayed to received the Prince of Peace.
ships visited this week
2 ships on Monday:
DESH BHART - All Indian. 6 Christians. It always so happy to see Christians on
board. They often times got a little bit more Christian materials than others. Prayed
with four Hindus to ask Jesus to coming into their hearts to be their Lord and Savior.
LIAN XING HU - All Chinese. This is the first time this ship's been to Houston. Prayed
with six people including the captain and the chief engineer. You can feel the exciment
and the possibilities coming from the captain's heart.
10 ships on Tuesday:
FORTUNE EPOCH - Korean captain and Filipino crew. Revisit.
BOW CHEETAH, AURORA SAPPHIRE, and IKARUGA - Filipino. Met a born again
Christian on the first ship. It's different to feel it.
J DUCKLING - Indian, and Russian. We were on this ship this year. Prayed with one Hindu to receive Jesus.
MAERSK CONSTELLATION - American. Blessed their families.
RICKMERS SEOUL - 1 Chinese cadet, German, Ukrainian, and Filipino. Prayed with
the Chinese cadet to received Jesus. Please pray for his faith in Jesus.
PIRGOS - Bulgarian, Romanian, and Ukrainian. Receptive.
ZEYNEP A - Turkish. Prayed with one third officer. His English is good enough to
NIPPON STAR - Greek, and mainly Filipino. Revisit. The ship was here last March.
4 ships on Thursday:
BBC MISSISSIPPI, and BBC NORDLAND - Russian, Ukrainian, and German. We still
gave out the Scriptural materials as the Chriastmas presents.
JO SELJE - Dutch, and Filipino. Prayed with the Filipino Christian as usual.
HONESTY OCEAN - All Chinese. The captain is a baptized Christian, he took a lot of
the Bible materials. 4 others prayed the salvation prayer including the chief engineer.
This ship is going to New orleans.
4 ships on Friday:
TORM THYRA, and GASCHEM BALTIC - Danish, German, Polish, and Filipino. There
were appreciations from those ships as the Scriptural materials were given out.
CIELO DI VAIANO - Indian, Russian, Ukrainian, and Bengalese. There were 7
Christians on board. Prayed with 1 Hindu to receive Jesus. He speaks Hindi. And
prayed with 1 Christian. His wife is 4 months pregnent, the second one.
TIKHVIN - Russian. Receptive as they got the gospel bookets and the Jesus DVDs.
Greet those who love us in the faith. Grace be with you all. (Tit. 3:15)

Your brothers In Christ Tom Malone and Thomas Tao