Friday, November 30, 2007

11/25/07 - 12/01/07

Dear seafarer's friends, 11/25/07 - 12/01/07

Grace, mercy and peace from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Lord. (2Ti. 1:2)
ships visited this week
7 ships on Monday:
VEGA SPRING - Indian. The ship was visited a few months ago. And it was a good
visit with the chief cook. He was counseled regarding some problems in his marriage.
3 Hindus gave their hearts to Jesus.
mainly Filipino. The Lord always sends these whose hearts He has prepared to the
CHAMPION STAR, CEC FIGHTER, and KOH JIN - Russian, Croatian, Burmese,
Indian, and mainly Filipino. They gladly received the Word and were blessed..
8 ships on Wednesday:
FORTUNE EPOCH - Korean captain and Filipino crew. Good visit.
ATLANTIS, and CASTILLO DE SAN PEDRO - Honduras, Jamaica, Venezuelan, and
El Salvador; Honduras, Peruvian, and Spanish. They received the Spanish Scriptures
and Jesus DVDs with great joy and gladness.
ARABELLA, and DS SPLENDOUR - All Indian; Indian, Burmese, and Barhamas.
5 Christians and 1 Hindu received Jesus on ARABELLA. 3 Christians and 8 Indian,
Burmese, and Bahamas all together to pray the salvation prayer on DS SPLENDOUR.
Please pray for the mess boy. Women and pornographic movies are great temptation
to him. He has a beautiful family with 2 children but a marriage problem. Judas is his name.
FU AN CHENG - All Chinese. We were on this ship last August 2. Many familia
faces. 4 new crews. 3 salvations.
CAPE VINCENT, TSURU, PIRGOS, and LERICI STAR - Bulgarian, Romanian, and
mainly Russian. Christmas is a special time where people are more receptive to a
Gospel witness. The seamen's spirits are open to the glorious Good News. This gives
us a great opportunity to share God's love in Christ.
SOYO - Sri Lanka, and mainly Filipino. Christmas brings joy and hope to us. Prayed
with them and for their families. Sharing the Good News. The greatest gift of all in
Christmas is Jesus.
5 ships on Thursday:
M Y ATLANTIC - Honduras, and Spanish.
MAHARSHI VAMADEVA - All Indian. 3 Christians and 1 salvation. Prayed with
another backsliding Christian. He exclaimed that we will see each other in heaven
next time.
KT VENTURE, and G DUCKLING - All Chinese. Each ship has about ten people to
receive Jesus in their hearts. They proclaimed that to have faith in Jesus is so great.
There was one believer, the able seaman on G DUCKLING. He is not baptistized yet,
His family are all Christians.
MONIUSZKO - Polish and Chinese. Initial visit.
5 ships on Friday:
NORGAS TRADER, and MAERSK HOUSTON - Russian and Filipino. We were
strangers, but we just pray that we will see each other again in Christ someday.
CHALLENGE PEGASUS, and NIPPON STAR - Indian and Filipino; Polish, Maldivian,
and Filipino. There is a Bible study group on the first ship. Some Bible study materials
were given to them, they said they were sure like to have them.
MONIUSZKO - Polish captain and chief engineer, Filipino chief officer, and the rest
were Chinese. The ship is going to New Orleans for the next port unlording and lording,
and then coming back to Houston again. When we had the evening meal, everyone
was stopped to give grace to the Lord. 4 people opened their hearts for Jesus.
The Lord be with your spirit. Grace be with you. (2Ti. 4:22)

Your brothers In Christ Tom Malone and Thomas Tao

Friday, November 23, 2007

11/18/07 - 11/24/07

Dear seafarer's friends, 11/18/07 - 11/24/07

Grace, mercy and peace from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Lord. (1Ti. 1:2)
ships visited this week
7 ships on Monday:
Indian, Russian. Croatian, and Spanish. Prayed for the crew and their families as
CHRYSSA K, and HELLENIC SEA - Greek, and Filipino. Some Filipino Christians
knows the salvation through Jesus Christ very well, some don't.
NEW AMITY - Korean, Chinese, and Filipino. Prayed the salvation prayer
with 2 Chinese, and blessed the ship.
BRAZOS 1 - All Indian. 2 Christians, the chief cook and the 2nd cook. Another 2
people came and agreed to pray to ask Jesus into their hearts. One Hindu and one
7 ships on Tuesday:
Norwegian; Filipino, and Italian; Filipino, Indonesian, Russian, Maldivian, and Sri
Lanka. A group of 5 Filipino got together and prayed on SYN ACRAB. Please pray
especially for a Filipino seaman's sister. She is pregnant, and the baby is due soon.
AALBORG - Polish, Bulgarian, and Romanian. Good and short visit.
OVERSEAS MAREMAR - American. They still need the NIV Bible.
STOLT MARKLAND - Russian, and 2 Chinese. Prayed the salvation prayer with the 2
chinese cadets. It's the first time for them to be on the sea. They were excited and yet
very homesick.
SAGA JANDAIA - All Indian but 1 Myanmar 2nd officer. 2 Christians, chief cook and
the mess boy. One Hindu came to receive the Scripture, DVD, and Jesus. Prayed and
blessed the ship.
1 ship on Wednesday:
SEA MAPLE - All Chinese. At first, there was resistance on board until the political
officer's confidence was gained. The Holy Spirit penetrated the seamen's hearts, so
that they wanted to come for their Scriptures and be blessed. The door was opened
wide enough to minister to them including the captain. It's the demonic how the
moslem and communist use fear tactics and intimadation to control others. Satan
constantly uses these methods to doom people to hell. It's a challenge for the body of
Christ to rise up and be serious to promote global evangelism.
2 ships on Friday:
DIAMOND GLORY - All Filipino. It was a short but good visit.
JIN FU - All Chinese. The captain and the chief engineer were known to us from the
previous visits from the other ships. We ministered privatly to the chief engineer. He
said he believed in Jesus, but he didn't want to go through the formality to pray the
salvation prayer with us right then. We gave some Christmas presents for the crew
other than Scriptures. The ship is going to Mexico City, then New Orleans.
Pastor Caleb Chiu from WHCC came and helped visiting the ships on Friday.
Grace be with you. (1Ti. 6:21)

Your brothers In Christ Tom Malone and Thomas Tao

Friday, November 16, 2007

11/11/07 - 11/17/07

Dear seafarer's friends, 11/11/07 - 11/17/07

Grace and peace to you from god the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. (2Th. 1:2)
ships visited this week
7 ships on Monday:
Filipino, Chinese, Polish, Romanian, Indian, Georgian, Ukrainian, and Russian. 1
Chinese salvation. Prayed and blessed the ships as to all the Filipino crew ships.
AFRICAN HALCYON - Korean, and Burmese. 6 Christians. Gave them Jesus DVDs
and prayed with one Christian.
FORMOSA THIRTEEN - All Chinese. Prayed the salvation prayer with 8 of them
individually including the captain.
CHUN HO - All Chinese. Both these two Chinese ships and the captains are from
Taiwan. The rest of the crew are mostly from mainland China. Prayed the salvation
prayer with 8 of them, some individually including the captain.
3 ships on Wednesday:
HORIZON - All Indian. 6 Christians on board. Prayed with 3 hindus with the salvation
prayer. Had a fellowship with the Christian Electric Engineer and prayed together.
WADI ALKARNAK - All Egyptian. We watched the Jesus DVD together. Although it
was not very long, it was a very vaulable hour.
PANAM CELESTE - All Indian. 4 Christians. We visited this ship last May 21. 5
Hindus and 1 Christian together to ask Jesus to come into our hearts. Blessed them
and the vessel.
4 ships on Thursday:
OVERSEAS AQUAMAR, and ALBUM - British, Pakistan, and mainly Filipino. Good
visit on the first ship, not receptive on the second one.
AFRICAN HALCYON - Korean, and Burmese. This is a revisit this week. 4 more
SIRIUS HIGHWAY - Russian. Prayed and bless the crew.
4 ships on Friday:
CEC CULEMBORG, and REGINA OLDENDORFF - Russian, African, Indonesian, and
mainly Filipino. Prayed with them, Blessed the ship and distributed the Scriptural
ARKHANGELSK - Russian. We visited this ship last Sep. 11. Some had the
Scriptures and turned away, some received gladly.
CHUN HO - Chinese. This is the 2nd visit to this ship this week. The captain treated
us very friendly. We ended the conversation with a prayer and blessing. 2 more
seamen were willing to pray the salvation prayer.
Frank Yu from FBCC came and helped visiting the ships on Friday.
The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. (2Th. 3:18)

Friday, November 9, 2007

11/04/07 - 11/10/07

Dear seafarer's friends, 11/04/07 - 11/10/07

Grace and peace to you. (1Th. 1:1)
ships visited this week
Took 6 seamen from the Chinese ship CARIBBEAN FRONTIER to West Houston Chinese Church for the morning worship service. They left early from the evangelical Sunday School,
but we all prayed together before they got back to the ship.
4 ships on Monday:
STOLT BRIGHT WORLD, and BALTIC MERCUR - Filipino, and Russian; Russian.
Good response from both vessels.
GREEN PARK - Korean captain, Russian, bulgarian officers, and Indian crew. 2 Indian
Christians. Short visit. Prayed with one of the Indian Christians.
YUAN PING SEA - All Chinese. They all stopped eating and gave thanks to the Lord
at the meal. They wanted to watch the Jesus DVD themselves after the meal. 4
salvations. Pastor Malone visited this ship last June 13. They plead to pray for their
safty on the sea.
4 ships on Tuesday:
ARION SB, MARILEE, and AGENA - Greek, Romanian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Russian,
and mainly Filipino. Prayed for the crew and their families.
LIAN SHENG HU - Chinese. 11 people prayed and identified that Jesus is in their
hearts. Blessed them and all their families. All the Gospel materials is gone. Some
seamen even want double portion for their relatives and friends.
6 ships on Thursday:
Norwegian, Russian, Romanian, and mainly Filipino. One Filipino seaman said that
this was the first time somebody had prayed for him since he travelled on the sea.
FORMOSA SIX - Chinese. We were on this ship some time ago. The chief engineer
is an old friend. The chief officer said thank you for always visiting them whenever
they come to Houston. 2 salvations.
8 ships on Friday:
SPOTLESS, SENTINEL, and SLUISGRACHT - Filipino, Russian, Ukrainian,
Norwegian, Polish, and Hollander. Some Filipino are very clear about their faith.
AFRICAN HALCYON - Burmese, and Korean. Prayed with 2 Burmeses to receive
SYRENA, and AMAZON - Indian. We were on the first ship 10 days ago, and the
second ship 15 days ago but at different docks. 2 new slavations on the second ship.
FIONA - Russian. We visited this ship last Oct. 10. They were so glad to receive the
Scripture in their own language.
LU XUN - Chinese. June 18 was the last time we on this ship. Many familiar faces. 3
salvations this time.
Pastor Malone moved to live in his son Mark's house 20 some miles away Friday. We'll still be using his apartment for a meeting place for the rest of the month. Please pray for the meeting place for Pastor Malone and I after this month.
Please pray for the new born baby of Ying-Dau Lu's daughter. Ying-Dau Lu is one of our board member. The baby was born on October the 18th. and is still in the hospital.
The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. (1Th. 5:28)

Your brothers In Christ Tom Malone and Thomas Tao

Friday, November 2, 2007

10/28/07 - 11/03/07

Dear seafarer's friends, 10/28/07 - 11/03/07

Grace and peace to you from God our Father. (Col. 1:2)
ships visited this week
7 ships on Monday:
Indian, and mainly Filipino. They liked the Jesus DVD, and the passion of the Christ
DVD. There were almost tears in their eyes after they received the blessings.
BBC KARAN, and NS CENTURY - Ukrainian, and Russian. Prayed with a Christian
and an atheist. The Christian received all the Scriptures and materials given them.
MARIBEL - 2 Chinese, 8 Croatian officers, and Filipino. 1 Chinese cadet salvation. He
is so young and vigorous. Prayed for their families.
NORDANA SOPHIE - All Thai. Mostly Buddhist, but 2 accepted Jesus in their hearts.
3 ships on Tuesday:
MANATEE, ARTIS BRIDGE - Indian, Russian and Filipino. Prayed with the seamen
and their families. Spent time with them sharing the Gospel.
YONG XING ZHOU - Chinese. It was so good to see many goold friends. A banquet
feast of Bible materials were laying on a dining room table. Amazingly, each seaman
on board literally lined up to receive their Bible, Scripture portions, tracts, Christian
literature, cassettes, DVD's and DC's. The captain and chief engineer received Jesus,
many others followed too. .
5 ships on Wednesday:
Japanese, Ukrainian, and Coratian. Prayed with them, blessed their families and their
SYRENA, and OCEAN TWINS - Mainly Indian, and Ukrainian. 3 Christians on the 1st
ship; 4 Christians on the 2nd ship, 2 Indians and 2 Ukrainians. One Indian Christian
Christian insisted to pray for my neck. I accepted his concern. His name is Michael. 2
5 ships on Thursday:
TVERSKOY BRIDGE - Russian. Someone knew us from the previous visit. That surely
means a lot to our works in Christ.
INTEGRITY, and MAX JACOB - Bulgarian, German, Latvian, and mainly Filipino. They
were longing for somebody remember their families especially in prayer.
CARIBBEAN FRONTIER - Chinese. We were on this ship just last September 19, only
6 weeks ago. 1 new crew member. 4 salvations including the new comer. Stayed on
the ship for over 2 hours. Trying to help them to know Jesus and His salvation more.
JOSE BRIGHT - Burmese. 1 Christian, who is a beacon of light. Others said that he is
a genuine Christian.
7 ships on Friday:
Mainly Filipino, Russian, Greek, Ukrainian, Romanian, Italian, Croatian, and Indian.
Some have the Bible in their rooms, some don't. The Bibles given away according to
their needs, and the gospel booklets according to their own languages.
APHRODITE LEADER, and NAVAGA - Indian, and mainly Russian. They were so
hunger about the God's Word, especially the female chief cook.
Pastor Malone's note: "The Lord is teaching me to rest in His presence through the Scriptures and prayers. As the Lord is strengthening my heart, I'm learning His character and totally relying upon His love and faithfulness."..
Grace be with you. (Col. 4:18)

Your brothers In Christ Tom Malone and Thomas Tao