Friday, January 25, 2008

01/20/08 - 01/26/08

Dear seafarer's friends, 01/20/07 - 01/26/07

Grace, mercy and peace from God the Father and from Jesus Christ, the Father's son, will be with us in truth and love. (2 Jn. 3)
ships visited this week
5 ships on Monday:
RICKMERS SHANGHAI, and UBC SINGAPORE - Filipino, Croatian, and Ukrainian;. .
Filipino, and Polish. Receptive.
DS VANGUARD - Indian. There were 5 Christians on this vessel. 4 Hindu joined our
prayer to ask Jesus into their hearts. The happiest thing for a seaman is finishing the
contract and going home. We Christians are the same when we know we are going
one way heavenly bound home.
JABGER - Russian. Good response.
KANG SHENG - Chinese. They don't like the Americans because American don't let
them to go ashore. Fortunately we were able to pray with 3 of them and led them to
Christ individually.
4 ships on Tuesday:
SICHEM PROVENCE - Romanian. 6 Christians on board. They liked the passion of
the Christ DVDs.
BOW LIMA - Burmese, and Indian. 3 Burmese Christians and 1 Indian Christian.
Blessed them and their families.
CAPE PASSERO - Russian. The Russian orthodox really liked the Bible and the
materials we gave him.
YONG XING - Chinese. Many received the Bible from the last visit. Prayed with 4.
Took the 2nd officer on KANG SHENG to WalMart and brought him back to the ship.
His mother is a faithful Christian. KANG SHENG is going to New Orleans to load grain
next week.
2 ships on Wednesday:
BOW EUROPE - Filipino, and Korean. They were happily received the Jesus DVD's.
CHONG MING - Chinese. Same shipping company as YONG XING. Some familiar
faces from previous visit of another ship. 3 people prayed the salvation prayer separatly
and seriously. They voluntarily wanted to watch the Jesus DVD themselves after
dinner. CHONG MING is sailing to Mexico tonight, then New Orleans around the 1st of
February. Mechanic Chang has Philip's phone number. The whole box of Gospel
materials was gone also the box.
5 ships on Thursday:
SHONOUSSA, BBC TRINADAD, and UBC BOSTON - Greek, and Filipino; Ukrainian,
and Filipino; All Filipino. Prayed with them and blessed their families.
BBC OSTERIESLAND - Russian. They don't care much about the reading materials
but they love the Jesus DVDs and the passion of thet Christ DVDs.
YONG AN 3 - Chinese. We were on this ship over a year ago. This is a new crew.
Many came to Houston several times before. They still remembered the good old days
when they could go ashore and took by big van to go church and stayed there for 3
hours. Some crews' family memebers are christians. 3 individuals came to pray the
salvation prayer and be blessed. The whole box of Christian materials including the
Scriptures prepared were finished. The holy Spirit made the right touch.
Peace to you. The friends here send their greetings. (3 Jn. 15)

Your brothers In Christ Tom Malone and Thomas Tao

Friday, January 18, 2008

01/13/08 - 01/19/08

Dear seafarer's friends, 01/13/07 - 01/19/07

Grace and peace be yours in abundance through the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord. (2 Pet. 1:2)
ships visited this week
6 ships on Sunday:
OSIOS DAVID II - Filipino. Hermie, second officer, know for 15 years. He is the
evangelist having Bible study twice a week and has great respect from the crew. Gave
him many Scriptures, DVDs and CDs.
DD PROGRESS, and RM DYNASTY - Russian. These vessels were here a few
months ago. It was good to see some old faces again and build relationships.
GLOBAL SANTOSH, SAGA JOURNEY, and TAVILAND - Filipino. Some of the men
on these ships were known. While fellowing up with them, others were reached out
with the Gospel also.
11 ships on Monday:
FAREAST SUNNY - Chinese. 4 people came to pray the salvation prayer including the
captain. We left the ship just before she sailed.
CARMEL, FELICITY, and FOLEGANDROS - Greek, Filipino; Indian, Filipino; and
Greek, Filipino. Good responses.
PREM PRIDE - Indian. 6 Christians on board. Prayed with 1 Christian, 1 Buddhist, and
1 Hindu. The Christians all got their Scriptures and DVDs with thanks giving. One
Christian even ran after me, a seven minutes walking distance to my car, to get the
Scripture.Thanks be to God for their thirsty hearts.
FRIJSENBORG, and SKODSBORG - Polish. Very receptive. Prayed and blessed
ESTEEM SPLENDOUR, and GALAHAD - Indian. Korean, and Filipino. Shared the
Gospel with them.
VELA - Indian. Initial visit. Didn't go on board because of the dangerous gangway.
However, a humble Hindu came to the car to be saved. Also took the Christian second
engineer and his lovely wife shopping.
GOLDEN FRIENDSHIP - Korean, and Burmese. 2 Korean and 3 Burmese Christians..
Many opportunities for witnessing. Before leaving the ship,1 Burmese received Jesus.
4 ships on Wednesday:
mainly Filipino. Good but brief visits. Prayed and blessed them.
STENA FR81 - Indian. 9 Christians and 2 salvations. 1 nominal Christian didn't believe
in the Devil or hell. Counselling him as we were watching the Passion of the Christ.
Several others listened as we dialogue.
6 ships on Thursday:
NEW ORION, and GANNET ARROW - Korean, and Filipino; All Filipino. Prayed with
them and blessed the ship.
PRINCESS V - All Indian. 3 Christians on the ship including the captain. The captain
is a very nice person. He came all the way from his cabin upstairs to the mess room
downstairs to pray with us and other 2 Hindus. Some got the Scriptures of their own
languages and were really happy.
PACIFIC MAKASSAR - Britsh, Irish, Chinese, and Filipino. 8 Chinese on board. Met 6
of them. Prayed with 5 of them, another one was very resistant. The Filipino are mostly
very friendly to the missionaries.
STOLT TENACITY, and ALARA K - Filipino; and Turkish. It was so glad to bound the
devil on the ALARA K, a Turkish vessel, who had some Muslim fanatics on board. They
didn't give any trouble, and there was freedom to share the Gospel.
10 ships on Friday:
Norwegian, Latvian, Romanian, and mainly Filipino. They all receptive.
MAERSK NEBRASKA - American. Left a NIV Bible.They said they really needed that.
SINBAD - Korean. 7 Christians on board. 2nd officer was a Christian everyone on the
ship knew. He is a very good witness for Jesus.
SPT CHAMPION - Indian. Brief visits because of rain and cold weather.
STOLT LOYALTY, and KASHMIR - Yugoslavian, and Russsian; Indian, and Russian..
Short visits.
To him be glory both now and forever! (2 Pet. 3:18)

Your brothers In Christ Tom Malone and Thomas Tao

Friday, January 11, 2008

01/06/07 - 01/12/07

Dear seafarer's friends, 01/06/07 - 01/12/07

Grace and peace be yours in abundance. (1 Pet. 1:2)
ships visited this week
3 ships on Tuesday:
MCT MONTE ROSA, and RM DYNASTY - Croatian, Ukrainian, and Filipino. Receptive.
GENCO SUCCESS - Chinese. We were on this ship last August 8. 1/4 of the crew are
old friends. 6 came forward and prayed the salvation prayer including the captain and
the chief engineer.
4 ships on Wednesday:
REINA ROSA, and JA SUNRISE - Mainly Filipino. Good and short visits. Wish to
spend more time with them.
WAPPEN VON DRESDEN - Romanian, Polish, and Filipino. Passed out the Bible
and christian literatures.
GENCO SUCCESS - Chinese. Revisit. Took 4 of them to shopping, and made sure
they receive the Scriptures and the message from God - Jesus cares.
2 ships on Thursday:
MING HAI - Chinese. Very friendly ship. Took all the Scriptures and Christian
materials. 1 salvation. We just trust the Holy Spirit to do the work.
XIN QIANG - Chinese. A little resistance from the crew, some were still interest in the
Scripture and the Gospel.
5 ships on Friday:
NIKOLAOS, and NATACHA-C - Romanian, and Filipino: Romanian, and Russian.
Good responses from both ships.
SILVERFJORD, and PAC ATHENA - Burmese, and Polish; Burmese, Chinese, and
Filipino. They liked the Christian materials of their own language. Prayed with 2
Chinese and led them to receive Jesus Christ into their hearts.
GENCO SUCCESS - Chinese. Third visit on this ship this week. The bosun is a
baptized Christian. He has been to Vancouver Evangelical Chinese Bible church many
times. This ship is going to New Orleans day after tomorrow (January the 13th.) Hope
somebody will contact him there.
Peace to all of you who are in Christ. (1 Pet. 5:14)

Your brothers In Christ Tom Malone and Thomas Tao