Friday, November 30, 2007

11/25/07 - 12/01/07

Dear seafarer's friends, 11/25/07 - 12/01/07

Grace, mercy and peace from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Lord. (2Ti. 1:2)
ships visited this week
7 ships on Monday:
VEGA SPRING - Indian. The ship was visited a few months ago. And it was a good
visit with the chief cook. He was counseled regarding some problems in his marriage.
3 Hindus gave their hearts to Jesus.
mainly Filipino. The Lord always sends these whose hearts He has prepared to the
CHAMPION STAR, CEC FIGHTER, and KOH JIN - Russian, Croatian, Burmese,
Indian, and mainly Filipino. They gladly received the Word and were blessed..
8 ships on Wednesday:
FORTUNE EPOCH - Korean captain and Filipino crew. Good visit.
ATLANTIS, and CASTILLO DE SAN PEDRO - Honduras, Jamaica, Venezuelan, and
El Salvador; Honduras, Peruvian, and Spanish. They received the Spanish Scriptures
and Jesus DVDs with great joy and gladness.
ARABELLA, and DS SPLENDOUR - All Indian; Indian, Burmese, and Barhamas.
5 Christians and 1 Hindu received Jesus on ARABELLA. 3 Christians and 8 Indian,
Burmese, and Bahamas all together to pray the salvation prayer on DS SPLENDOUR.
Please pray for the mess boy. Women and pornographic movies are great temptation
to him. He has a beautiful family with 2 children but a marriage problem. Judas is his name.
FU AN CHENG - All Chinese. We were on this ship last August 2. Many familia
faces. 4 new crews. 3 salvations.
CAPE VINCENT, TSURU, PIRGOS, and LERICI STAR - Bulgarian, Romanian, and
mainly Russian. Christmas is a special time where people are more receptive to a
Gospel witness. The seamen's spirits are open to the glorious Good News. This gives
us a great opportunity to share God's love in Christ.
SOYO - Sri Lanka, and mainly Filipino. Christmas brings joy and hope to us. Prayed
with them and for their families. Sharing the Good News. The greatest gift of all in
Christmas is Jesus.
5 ships on Thursday:
M Y ATLANTIC - Honduras, and Spanish.
MAHARSHI VAMADEVA - All Indian. 3 Christians and 1 salvation. Prayed with
another backsliding Christian. He exclaimed that we will see each other in heaven
next time.
KT VENTURE, and G DUCKLING - All Chinese. Each ship has about ten people to
receive Jesus in their hearts. They proclaimed that to have faith in Jesus is so great.
There was one believer, the able seaman on G DUCKLING. He is not baptistized yet,
His family are all Christians.
MONIUSZKO - Polish and Chinese. Initial visit.
5 ships on Friday:
NORGAS TRADER, and MAERSK HOUSTON - Russian and Filipino. We were
strangers, but we just pray that we will see each other again in Christ someday.
CHALLENGE PEGASUS, and NIPPON STAR - Indian and Filipino; Polish, Maldivian,
and Filipino. There is a Bible study group on the first ship. Some Bible study materials
were given to them, they said they were sure like to have them.
MONIUSZKO - Polish captain and chief engineer, Filipino chief officer, and the rest
were Chinese. The ship is going to New Orleans for the next port unlording and lording,
and then coming back to Houston again. When we had the evening meal, everyone
was stopped to give grace to the Lord. 4 people opened their hearts for Jesus.
The Lord be with your spirit. Grace be with you. (2Ti. 4:22)

Your brothers In Christ Tom Malone and Thomas Tao

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