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11/09/08 - 11/15/08

Dear seafarer's friends, 11/09/08 - 11/15/08

Grace and peace to you.
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Attached please see some pictures we took when Mike Cooke was here in Houston last month.
ships visited this week
9 ships on Monday: DEL SOL, STAR THETA, CFL PERFORMER, NORDIC GLORY, GLORIANA, and BATAVIA - All Filipino; Filipino,.
and Russian; Filipino, and Russian; Filipino, and Russian; Filipino, Indian, and Ukrainian; Filipino, Indian, Ukrainian,
Latvian, Romanian, and Thai. We visited STAR THETA, and GLORIANA before. Four Indian Christians on GLORIANA.
We prayed with the Filipino Catholics and gave them the NIV NTs and Bibles, of course the Jesus DVDs.
SAGA ADVENTURE, VINALINES SKY, and TOSCANA - All Indian but one Ukrainian chief engineer; All VietNamese;
Polish, and Thai. Three Indian Christians including the captain on the first ship. They all come from Goa. Prayed with the captain and the chief engineer. No Christian on the VietNamese ship. Only distributed the Jesus DVDs and the " Help from
above" booklets. We visited the third ship last April. The Polish was very satisfied with the Scripture and the Jesus DVDs
we gave to him.
Steven Chao from WHCC came and help the ship visiting.4 ships on Wednesday: BBC GEORGIA, and REBECCA - Russian, Ukrainian, and Filipino; Russian, Ukrainian, and Latvian. Receptive.
CITRON - Turkish officers, and Indian crew. No Christian on board, but they received Jesus DVDs and some Scriptures.
CHIPOLBROK SUN - All Chinese. We were on this ship last July. They got the Scriptures, Jesus DVDs, and all the Gospel materials. Some of them were open minded, and some were not. I took the only two who had short passes to Wal Mart.
11 ships on Thursday:
Filipino; All Filipino; All Filipino; All Filipino; Filipino, and Greek; Filipino, Russian, and Ukrainian; Filipino, Russian, and
Polish. They all very polite and responsive to get their Jesus DVDs, and Scriptures.
OCEAN ATLAS, NORDKAP, and BELUGA SKYSAILSK - American; All Russian; Russian, and German. Receptive.
XIAMEN SKY - All Chinese. We were on this ship in May last year. A few of them still knew me, like the chief cook. There
were many seekers on board. At least four or five of them were very interested in Christianity and the Gospel including the
captain. I led them to pray and made a decision to the Lord. Steve Yeboah took nine of them to his church and shopping.
4 ships on Friday: SANKO PHOENIX, CLIPPER MARINA, OCEANIC CORAL, and FASE - All Filipino; All Filipino; Filipino, and Indian;
Filipino, Norwegian, Romanian, and Croatian. We went on all the ships except the first one we stayed down at the gangway. The third ship was ready to sail. They didn't want us to go in, so we only stayed for a short time. We visited the fourth ship in September last year. We gave away more NIV NTs than other ships. We had a good prayer meeting with the captain on
A member from FBCC joined the ship visiting with me today.
4 ships on Saturday:
DARYA SHAKTI - All Indian. Seven Christians on board. Very friendly people. We prayed together, and they got many
Scriptures and Jesus DVDs.
STLIXCO - Filipino, Romanian, Bulgarian, and Croatian. Receptive.
SAFMARINE DOUALA, and TENG FEI HAI - All Chinese. We were on the first ship last August. Most of them knew
my face. They receveied a lot Christian Newspaper and literature this time. Many people wanted to listen to our singing and
testmony. They all received the Gospel very well.
Patrick Cheong, Jenny Feng, Ying Dau Lu, Daniel Jen, and Kelley Kao from HCC came and helped the ministry a great deal.
The grace of the Lord Jesus be with God's people. Amen. (Rev.22: 21)

Your brothers In Christ Tom Malone and Thomas Tao

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