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07/12/09 - 07/18/09

Dear seafarer's friends, 07/12/09 - 07/18/09


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ships visited this week
6 ships on Monday:
NEW PRIDE - All Chinese. One Christian on board. He is the captain from
Taiwan. We had a very good fellowship together, a Bible study and a prayer
meeting. We all prayed. We also prayed with the crew and blessed the ship.
CLIPPER GOLFITO - Korean, and Filipino; Korean, and Filipino; Russian, and
Filipino; Ukrainian, and German; Croatian, and Myanmar. We visited the first
ship last Mar. the second ship last Dec. and the last ship almost a year ago. One
Myanmar Christian on the Myanmar ship. He is an ordinary seaman. Prayed with
him and blessed the crew.
Steven Chao from WHCC came and helped the visitation today.
4 ships on Tuesday:
All Chinese; All Chinese; Polish and 4 Chinese; Filipino, and Norwegian. We
were on the first ship just last month. the second and the third ships last Mar., the
last ship over a year ago. The first ship was very resistant. We just delivered the
Christian Newspaper. The second ship was very open. The chief engineer
insisted us to have dinner on board. We prayed with the captain and almost the
whole crew and blessed them. Prayed with an engine room Chinese cadet on the
third ship. The last ship was receptive.
Pastor Jonathan Chiu from EFCOH came and helped the ship visitation today.
3 ships on Thursday:
GULL ARROW, and OCEANIC CERISE - All Indian; Filipino, and Indian.
We were on the first ship last May. Most of the crew has been changed. There
were six Christians on board, chief cook, second cook, wiper, two ordinary
seamen, and the second officer. (see picture 1 with some of them). We prayed
with the crew and blessed the ships.
IKAN ALTAMIRA - Filipino, Myanmar, and Chinese. Some of the seamen
recognized me because the previous visits on other ships. We had a chance to get
together and pray. (see picture 2). They all receptive.
Kenny Wu from WHCC came and helped the visitation today.
6 ships on Friday:
All Filipino; Filipino, and Russian; Filipino, Russian, and one Chinese. We were
the last ship over a year ago. Prayed with the Chinese engineer room cadet in the
engineer room. They were all receptive.
CHEMBULK BARCELONA - Myanmar, Korean, and German. There was
one Myanmar Christian, the fitter, on board. Prayed with him and others on the
ship. We were on this ship just less than two years ago.
OCEAN PRINCESS I, and CHEM LEO - All Indian; Turkish, Ukrainian, and
Indian. There were three Christians on the first ship, captain, chief cook, and an
able seaman. The able seaman said he was waiting for missionaries to come
aboard and bring him the Bible. Praise the Lord, we did it. (see picture 3 for part
of them).
Someone from FBCC came and helped the ministry today.
6 ships on Saturday:
ABERDEEN, and AUSTIN ANGOL - All Filipino; Filipino, Russian, and
Tonga; Filipino, Russian, and Indonesian; Filipino, Romanian, Croatian, and
Indonesian; Indonesian, and Lithuania; Romanian, and Myanmar. We visited the
second ship last Jun., the third ship over a year ago, the fifth ship last May, and
the last ship a week ago. One Indonesian Christian on the fourth ship. Two
Indonesian Christians on the fifth ship. (see picture 4 for the Filipino born again
Christian, the chief officer, on the second ship).
Wei Bin Lu from WHCC came and helped the ship visitation today.

Dear saints redeemed by Christ's Blood July, 2009
David says in Ps. 35:28, “My tongue will speak of your righteousness and of your praises all day long.” This truth distinctly describes our ministry to seafarers. We’re fulfilling God’s Word by our witnessing and worshiping on the ships. We verbally profess Christ sharing the Jesus movie and freely giving the seafarers Bibles and Christian literature. Worship is praising God for His divine love. Although most of them are not allowed ashore, we have church on board conducting mini Bible studies, praying in groups and personally sharing the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Many are believing in our Sovereign Savior.
Lifeline to Seamen is endeavoring to use innovative ways to reach every person by the Spirit's power with the life changing Gospel. Thomas and a number of co-workers are reaching out to seafarers in tangible ways. They energetically serve the vessels and take some shopping. During the last quarter from April to June, we ministered to more than
750 Chinese, 1,200 Indian, 300 Myanmar, 75 Koreans besides thousands of Russian,
Filipino, Polish and others. We also freely distributed hundreds of Jesus DVD's and
praise CD's. The world is at our doorsteps. Steve took 40 Chinese to his church and
they all professed Jesus as their Savior. Pastor Peter Chao, their teacher, admitted that they were genuine salvation. Thomas said that many Chinese seamen wanted more Bibles and Jesus movies to take back home and told him that this is just what they needed. Oh Lord, enlarge our vision and lead us to reach more for Christ.
Consider that you go great lengths to invest in your familly. When you make contributions to this international ministry, you are investing in lives worldwide. The dividends are lives for eternity. Lifeline to Seamen is a non-profit tax exempt corporation. We are not underwritten by any church or any other organization but are
supported entirely by your faithful prayers and monthly investments.
Thank you for your partnership and may God richly bless you.

For those who are interested in knowing about TWIC, the phone number is (866) 347-8942 The link is

Grace be with you all. (Heb. 13:25)

Your brothers In Christ Tom Malone and Thomas Tao

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