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08/23/09 - 08/29/09

Dear seafarer's friends, 08/23/09 - 08/29/09

Grace and peace to you.

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ships visited this week
3 ships on Monday:
Filipino, and Russian; All Bangladesh. We visited the first ship over two weeks
ago. Gave away more Scriptures, and Jesus DVD's. Prayed with the crew. (see
picture 1; 3 with the captain, chief engineer and his wife). Took two seamen to
Seafarer Center. No Christian on the third ship, but we prayed with a Muslim
and a Buddhist.
Ying Dau Lu from HCC came and helped the visitation today.
6 ships on Tuesday:
Filipino; All Indian; Indian, and Italian; Indian, Russian, and Turkish; All
Ukrainian. We just visited the first ship last Jul., the fourth ship last Apr. There
were three Christians on the second ship, fitter, ordinary seaman, and mess boy.
(see picture 3 with me and the ordinary seaman).
CHONG MING - All Chinese. We were on this ship last Dec. Some of the
crew still knew me. Prayed with them and gave out all the materials I brought.
(see picture 4 with some of them and the ship chandlers).
1 ship on Wednesday:
PORT STANLEY - Filipino, and Russian. Pastor Jonathan Chiu from EFCOH,
Steven Chao from WHCC and I went to Lake Charles to see the injured
Chinese seaman Quan Ru Pan at the Seafarer's Center there. We met the
Director Patrick Lapoint. (see picture 5). Right now Pan lives with Rev./Chaplain
Nelson Lloyd. Rev. Lloyd took three of us to visited the ship. They all receptive.
We chatted with the second cook, an able seaman and prayed with some of
them. (see picture 6 of some of the Filipino crew).
7 ships on Thursday:
SPIRIT - All Russian; Filipino, and Russian; Filipino, and Russian; Filipino,
and Russian; Filipino, Russian, and Polish; Filipino, Russian, Palestinian,
Jordanian, and Egyptian; All Indian. We visited the second ship last Oct., the
fourth ship over a year ago. (see picture 7 with Peter and some of the crew). All
responsive. We prayed with them and blessed the crew. There were four Indian
Christians on the last ship, chief cook, one able seaman, second engineer, and
third officer. (see picture 8 with Peter and some of the crew).
Peter Ko from WHCC came and helped the ship visitation.
7 ships on Friday:
and SAFMARINE TEXAS - All Filipino; All Filipino; All Filipino; Filipino, and
Dutch; Filipino, Ukrainian, and Bulgarian. We visited the second ship last Apr.,
the fourth ship over a year ago, and the last ship last Jun. All receptive. Prayed
with them and blessed the ships.
CLIPPER OCEANICA, and JBU MAAS - All Indian; All Indian. We were on
the first ship last Jun. There were four Christians on board, fitter, motorman, and
two cadets. Prayed with them and some Hindu and Muslim. (see picture 9).
There were six Christians on the second ship, chief cook, general steward, chief
officer, one ordinary seaman, and two able seamen. Also prayed with them and
some others. (see picture 10). One able seaman wanted me to pray for his teeth
pain, his wife and his daughter. I prayed for him particularly, and he was
Ying Dau Lu got his escort badge today.

Evangelism is missions in action. People ask us what is our line of work. We're missionary evangelists. This is our calling. We're missionaries ministering to seafarers in Global Outreach. Seafarers come to us from all over the world. As evangelists, our missionary activity is to share with them the Gospel. We're honored to bring to them salvation in the Name of Jesus who died for us and was raised to life. Jesus lives, and by faith in Him, we have the assurance of eternal life. We endeavor to proclaim this Gospel clearly and unequivocally. This is our mandate from the Lord. This week I saw my cardiac electrophsiologist and cardiovascular MD at the Texas Heart Institute. They're experts in their fields. After taking more exams, they couldn't identify the cause of my V-tack. They adjusted my medication and we'll be in close communication. I thank God that I have a dependable Medronic pacemaker-defibulator device. Please continue to pray for me. Thomas, a boardmember and coworker, went to Lake Charles to observe their seafarer's outreach. There's a mutual cooperation and learning experience from our activities. The world is shrinking rapidly and nations are becoming more dependent on each other. Seafarers are using modern technology to network across the oceans. We chaplains are beginning to network with the seafarers and other worldwide chaplains. This is another means we're using to communicate the Gospel. A chaplain in England emailed us sending us greetings from a seaman we ministered to in Houston. The seafarers remind us of our small world. Pray for Thomas, our ministry and a Holy Spirit global revival. I believe our time is short before the return of Jesus. This should prompt us to be more involved about our Father's business. Let's make the most of the brevity of time we have left. Maranatha! Thank you kindly for your faithful prayers, financial support and endearing encouragement. Please send your tax deductible love gifts to our treasurer, Rose Young, at this address. Att: Rose Young
West Houston Chinese Church
c/o Lifeline to Seamen Inc.
10638 Hammerly Blvd.,
Houston, Texas 77043

God richly bless you. Maranatha!

For those who are interested in knowing about TWIC, the phone number is (866) 347-8942 The link is

The grace of the Lord Jesus be with God's people. Amen. (Rev.22: 21)

Your brothers In Christ Tom Malone and Thomas Tao

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