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09/06/09 - 09/12/09

Dear seafarer's friends, 09/06/09 - 09/12/09

Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. (1Co. 1:3)

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ships visited this week
4 ships on Tuesday:
IKAN ALTAMIRA - All Indian; All Indian; All Indian; Filipino, and Chinese.
We were on the second ship last Sep., the third ship last Apr. There were five
Christians on the first ship, chief cook, second cook, general steward, second
officer, and motorman. (see picture 1) for some of them. There were two
Christians on the second ship, chief cook and an ordinary seaman. There were
five Christians on the third ship, chief cook, fitter, motorman, third engineer, and
an able seaman. (see picture 2). Prayed with some of them and some Hindus.
We were on the last ship last Jul. Prayed with the captain and the Chinese
second officer, and a Chinese cadet.
4 ships on Wednesday:
CORAL - All Myanmar, and two Filipino; Korean, and Filipino; All Indian;
Indian, and Filipino. We were on the first ship last Dec., the third ship last Apr.
We visited the last ship a little bit over a year ago. There were nine Christians on
the all Indian ship, chief cook, second cook, general steward, chief officer,
second officer, third engineer, two oilers, and an able seaman. Prayed with some
of them and some Hindus. (see picture 3 & 4). All receptive.
11 ships on Thursday:
LEGEND, and GENMAR DAPHNE - Filipino, and Russian; Filipino,and
Russian; Filipino, and Russian; Filipino, and Greek; Filipino, Egyptian, Iraqi, and
Jordanian; Filipino, Russian, Croatian, Portuguese, and Indian. We visited the
first ship last Dec., the second ship last Jan., the third and fourth ship over a year
ago, the last ship last Jun. They all responsive. Prayed with them and blessed the
and two Russian; Croatian, and Myanmar. We were on the last ship last Jan.
There were five Christians; three Indian, chief cook, general steward, and an able
seaman; two Russian, chief officer, and third officer, on the second ship. (see
picture 5) for the Indian seamen. Receptive.
CHONG MING, and NEW CONSTELLATION - All Chinese; Filipino,
Indian, and Chinese. We were on the first ship fifteen days ago. This time was a
revisit, just delivered some current Chinese Christian Newspaper. We were on
second ship over two years ago. Prayed with them. (see picture 6 for some of
Chinese crew and the Filipino captain).
4 ships on Saturday:
NEPTUNE - All Indian; All Indian, and one Russian; Ukrainian, and Filipino; All
Thai. We were on the first ship over two years ago, the second ship last Apr. We
visited the third ship fifteen days ago, and the last ship last May. There were three
Christians on the first ship, fitter, general steward, and a cadet; six Christians on
the second ship, captain, two able seamen, second officer (the only Russian), an
ordinary seaman, and the third engineer. Prayed with them and some Hindus.
(see picture 7 & 8).
Wei Bin Lu from WHCC came and helped the ship visitations a lot today.

Evangelism personalized! It's important for us to communicate the Gospel
simply and understandably. We must rely upon the Holy Spirit to take control of our words and actions. He'll lead us into all truth giving us the words to speak and guiding our footsteps. In many ways we display our lives by sharing the suffering, death,
burial, and glorious resurrection. Thank God for the cross. We exemplilify the cross by listening intently and loving as Christ loved us.
Instead of doing all the talking, we need to listen to what others are saying. By doing this we show that we're genuinely interested in them. We respect their personhood by placing them on our level. They in turn respect us as we gain their trust and honesty. Thomas and a co-worker were visiting a Chinese vessel. They were sharing Jesus
with them. At first they didn't believe. After many of their questions were answered, they put their faith in Christ their Savior. We exemplify the cross by loving others as Christ loved us. "This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us. And we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers." 1 John 3:16. Often our acts speak louder than words. We're available to help them in any way we can. Security is strict and many seamen
are not allowed to go ashore. We're able to take ashore some who do have a shore pass. We love them as God's children. This week Thomas reported that he visited a ship with some Russian, Indian and 5 Chinese on board. He particularly ministered to all of the Chinese and prayed with some to believe in Jesus. As he left, one
approached him asking for "Bibles, DVD, and Christian literature. They were lonely and responded to the love Thomas displayed in a tangible way. Thank you for allowing us to share the goodness of transformed lives. We're so grateful for your partnership in this global spiritual harvest. As you feel led, we invite you to have a part by contacting our treasurer, Rose Young, at this address. Att: Rose Young
West Houston Chinese Church
c/o Lifeline to Seamen Inc.
10638 Hammerly Blvd.,
Houston, Texas 77043

God richly bless you. Maranatha!

For those who are interested in knowing about TWIC, the phone number is (866) 347-8942 The link is

The grace of the Lord Jesus be with you. My love to all of you in Christ Jesus. Amen. (1Co. 16:23,24)

Your brothers In Christ Tom Malone and Thomas Tao

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