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10/04/09 - 10/10/09

Dear seafarer's friends, 10/04/09 - 10/10/09

Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. (Php. 1:2)

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ships visited this week
8 ships on Monday:
and BERNORA - All Filipino; Filipino, and Indian; Filipino, and Indian; Filipino, and Polish; Polish and Indian; All Indian. We visited the first ship last Mar., and
the third ship last Aug. We were on the fifth ship last month and the last ship
last Jun. All responsive. There were five Christians on the fifth ship, chief cook,
second cook, second officer, third engineer, and a motorman. (see picture 1 of
the crew). There were three Christians on the last ship, bosun, motorman, and
the captain. Prayed with them and blessed the ships.
and Latvian; Myanmar, Georgian, and British. Prayed with the Buddhists and
blessed the crew.
Steven Chao from WHCC came and helped the ship visitation a lot.
5 ships on Tuesday:
POINT, and SEA FLOURISH - All Polish; All Polish; All Russian; All
Myanmar; All Chinese. We visited the second ship last year, the third ship last
Jun., the last ship over a year ago. I had a very nice talk with the captain on the Chinese ship. He was very open. He even admitted that Jesus is in our hearts
when we just started the conversation. I pointed out Jesus' deity to him and
explained what Jesus did for us. He accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior and
we prayed the salvation prayer at the end. (see picture 2 for the Chinese crew).
(and see picture 3 for the Myanmar crew on the fourth ship).
1 ship on Wednesday:
IKAN ALTAMIRA - Filipino, and Mainly Chinese. We were on this ship last
month. Only delivered the most recent monthly Christian Chinese newspaper to
the Chinese seafarers and gave the English Holy Bible and Jesus DVD to the
Filipino. It was a good preparation work for the Evangelism. Took the chief
officer from the gate to the ship and from the ship to the gate to get their crew
list so six of them can go ashore for shopping.
The seamen showed me that I and a flat tire. And they helped me to put on the
spare. Then I went to Discount Tire to replace a new one. It only cost me
5 ships on Thursday:
LARK, and NAZLI G - German, and Filipino; Indian, and Filipino; Croatian,
Russian, and Myanmar; All Ukrainian; All Turkish. We were on the second ship
just over a week ago. There was only one Indian Christian on board, the
general Steward. (see picture 4 for some of the crew). We visited the third ship
last Aug., the fourth ship last May, and the last ship over two years ago.

We are experiencing a worldwide recession. It's effecting every segment of life. Change is rapidly happening and no one knows which way to turn. The dollar is
being dissolved, our debt is out of control, and big government is headed toward socialism. The stage is being set for a one world government and economy. Possibly the final piece of puzzle is being put into place before the eminent return of Jesus. Recession is affecting the Port of Houston as never before. We received an
email which reads, "Always a pleasure and blessing to talk with you. I've heard from my sources that the turning basins (main docks) ship calls are down about 40 percent. The private terminals are down over 50 percent of the normal ship calls. However, I understand most chemical, gas and crude biz remains quite steady. Most expect the
biz to start to return to normal near the end of this year, but taking most of next year
to return to any type of what we call normal ship calls. Prayer and faith will win in the end." In His name, Jay Willows, Trinity Shipping. Here are some statistics to support what Jay is saying. Today, Oct. 8, is a brief list of the type of vessels in port. There are approximately 27 oil, chemical, gas
tankers and 4 container vessels. The rest are 11 cargo and bulk carriers, most of
them small. Pray for more Chinese ships to come for us to evangelize. Since July 1, only 27 Chinese vessels arrived and 14 ships with a few Chinese on board. This is
the fewest number coming to the port that we can remember. However, there are
still many western, eastern, Filipinos and Indians arriving. Please become involved
by praying, participating with your help, encouragement, and financial support. Please send your love gift to Rose, our dear sister and treasurer at this address. Att: Rose Young
West Houston Chinese Church
c/o Lifeline to Seamen Inc.
10638 Hammerly Blvd.,
Houston, Texas 77043

God richly bless you. Maranatha!

For those who are interested in knowing about TWIC, the phone number is (866) 347-8942 The link is
The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit. Amen. (Php. 4:23)

Your brothers In Christ Tom Malone and Thomas Tao

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