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11/08/09 - 11/14/09

Dear seafarer's friends, 11/08/09 - 11/14/09

Grace, mercy and peace from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Lord. (2Ti. 1:2)

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ships visited this week
3 ships on Monday:
Filipino, Indian, Chinese, Myanmar, and Russian; Filipino, one from Singapore,
and Chinese; All Indian. We visited the first ship over a year ago. There were
two Indian Christians on board ship, two able seamen. (see picture 1
for the Filipino and Chinese crew). We shared the Gospel with them, answered
their questions and prayed with them. We were on the second ship last Jan.
One Chinese Christian, the general steward on board. He was the one Pastor
Jonathan Chiu baptized on another ship last year . He called my name when
he first saw me this time. As we went through the Bible, he told me he led his
parents and his grand mother to Christ this year. (see picture 2, the G.S.,
captain and I). We also shared the Gospel with the second engineer. He agreed
to ask Jesus to come into his heart to be his best friend. He got baptized
finally. There was no Christian on the last ship. It's a little unusual. We blessed
the ship.
Steven Chao from WHCC came and ministered to the Chinese seamen today.
4 ships on Tuesday:
GENCO WARRIOR - Myanmar and Filipino captain; Indian, and one Russian;
Filipino, and Romanian captain; All Chinese. We visited the third ship last Jan.
We were on the first ship last Jan., and the last ship last Feb. (see picture 3 for
chief cook, general steward on the second ship). There were six Indian
Christians on board, chief cook, general steward, fitter, motorman, and two
able seamen. Prayed with the Buddhists on the first ship, the Hindus, Christians
on the second ship. They were all receptive. (see picture 4 for the Chinese
crew on the last ship). Prayed with them, watching the Jesus DVD with them,
and took two seamen, chief mate, and an A.B. to Best Buy.
5 ships on Wednesday:
TAURUS, and GHETTY BOTTIGLIERI - All Filipino; Filipino, and Greek;
Filipino, and Korean; Myanmar, Croatian, Filipino, and Russian; All Indian.
We were on the fourth and the last ship both last Aug. There was only one
Christian on the Indian ship, bosun. (see picture 5 with fitter and I). Fitter is a Hindu. We had a conversation about half an hour, and I led him to pray the
salvation prayer.
5 ships on Thursday:

URSULA - All Filipino; All Myanmar; Myanmar, Indonesian, and Korean;

All Indian. We visited the first ship last Aug. There was one Myanmar Christian

on third ship. (see picture 6, the chief cook and the Christian able seaman).

There were two Christians on the last ship, second mate, they called him Jesus

man, (see picture 7 the second mate and I), and a cadet. I prayed with the

Jesus man and some other Hindus. They were all very responsive.

3 ships on Friday:

NORD SWAN, BOW KISO, and HEGREN - Danish, and Filipino; Indian,
and Myanmar; All Indian. They were two Indian Christians on the second
ship, an ordinary seaman and a cadet. There were two Christians on the last
ship, an ordinary seaman and an able seaman. (see picture 8 to the right is the
able seaman, the one to the left is a Muslim). I prayed with this Muslim and
another Muslim. I also prayed with two Hindus. They were all receptive.
3 ships on Saturday:
MOUNT HOPE, MARCELA LADY, and EVEREST - Filipino, and Polish;
Filipino, and Russian; All Ukrainian. We visited the first ship over a year ago,
and the second ship last May. They received the Scriptures and the Jesus
Weibin Lu from WHCC came and helped the visitation a great deal.

The Lord be with your spirit. Grace be with you. (2Ti. 4:22)

Your brothers In Christ Tom Malone and Thomas Tao

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