Friday, January 11, 2008

01/06/07 - 01/12/07

Dear seafarer's friends, 01/06/07 - 01/12/07

Grace and peace be yours in abundance. (1 Pet. 1:2)
ships visited this week
3 ships on Tuesday:
MCT MONTE ROSA, and RM DYNASTY - Croatian, Ukrainian, and Filipino. Receptive.
GENCO SUCCESS - Chinese. We were on this ship last August 8. 1/4 of the crew are
old friends. 6 came forward and prayed the salvation prayer including the captain and
the chief engineer.
4 ships on Wednesday:
REINA ROSA, and JA SUNRISE - Mainly Filipino. Good and short visits. Wish to
spend more time with them.
WAPPEN VON DRESDEN - Romanian, Polish, and Filipino. Passed out the Bible
and christian literatures.
GENCO SUCCESS - Chinese. Revisit. Took 4 of them to shopping, and made sure
they receive the Scriptures and the message from God - Jesus cares.
2 ships on Thursday:
MING HAI - Chinese. Very friendly ship. Took all the Scriptures and Christian
materials. 1 salvation. We just trust the Holy Spirit to do the work.
XIN QIANG - Chinese. A little resistance from the crew, some were still interest in the
Scripture and the Gospel.
5 ships on Friday:
NIKOLAOS, and NATACHA-C - Romanian, and Filipino: Romanian, and Russian.
Good responses from both ships.
SILVERFJORD, and PAC ATHENA - Burmese, and Polish; Burmese, Chinese, and
Filipino. They liked the Christian materials of their own language. Prayed with 2
Chinese and led them to receive Jesus Christ into their hearts.
GENCO SUCCESS - Chinese. Third visit on this ship this week. The bosun is a
baptized Christian. He has been to Vancouver Evangelical Chinese Bible church many
times. This ship is going to New Orleans day after tomorrow (January the 13th.) Hope
somebody will contact him there.
Peace to all of you who are in Christ. (1 Pet. 5:14)

Your brothers In Christ Tom Malone and Thomas Tao

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