Friday, February 29, 2008

02/24/08 - 03/01/08

Dear seafarer's friends, 02/24/08 - 03/01/08

Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. (2Co. 1:2)
02/01: 4 ships
SCM ELPIDA, BOW EURAPE, and JO DASHI - Russian, and mainly Filipinos. A splendid time of
sharing, Prayed and blessed them and their families.
ID SYMPHONY - Chinese. The Chinese are hungry for the Word, and God has given us a mandate to
share the Gospel with them. They are so receptive, and we should not miss the opportunity. God is
pouring out His mercy upon them in this time of history.
02/04:5 ships
Filipino. Good response and much of God's Word given out.
ST. GEORG - Croatian, and Burmese. This vessel was here 2 months ago, so it's a good opportunity
to followup. The Holy Spirit led the way as 4 more Burmese were saved by the redeeming blood of
Jesus. Spent 2 hours ministering to them.
02/06:6 ships.
ATLANTIC TRADER, and ANTALINA - Russian. Gladly took some Scriptures and be blessed.
CHEM COSMOS, and AURORA AMETHYST - Filipino. They came to receive their Scriptures and
DVDs, blessed them and their families.
NNEMTAS-2 - Turkish. Someone had left a DVD of the Jesus movie on board. This evangelistic tool
opened the way for more Gospel witness. The Holy Spirit opened up their hearts to want to learn more
about Isa (Jesus). Spent about 2 hours ministering to them.
DIAMOND OCEAN - Burmese. This ship was visited 2 months ago and received a Jesus DVD on board.
This created a great interest for sharing the Gospel truth. There were 5 Christians who shared their faith.
ships visited this week
2 ships on Monday:
ATLANTIC FRONTIER - Indian. This is a 3 months old brand new ship. The captain is a half Sikh and
half Christian (he said it himself). We prayed together to ask Jesus to coming into his heart and
blessed him. The fitter is a Christian, he shared his faith. And 2 Hindus came to search for truth and
prayed the salvation prayer. There is an urgency in Indian for Gospel instead of Muslim.
MARITIME ROSEMARY - Filipino, Indian, and Malaysian.. A short but responsive visit.
I went to see Pastor Malone at Mark's house this afternoon. He is going to take off the bandage of the surgery for the new defibrillator tomorrow. He is everything but weak. Let's keep praying.
8 ships on Tuesday:
Chinese; Filipino, and Norwegian; All Filipino. All the ships were receptive and received the prayers and
blessings. 5 Chinese came and shew their interests in the Christianity. I gave them the Scriptures and
prayed with them.
CAKE - Turkish. Some liked the Bible some didn't. We debated the role of Jesus. The 2nd officer finally
agreed with me to pray for him and gave me his email address.
ONEGO VOYAGER - Chinese. 1 able seaman admitted that he is a Christian but not baptized yet. His
family are all Christians or seekers. He wanted to get baptized with his wife. 6 people came to pray with
JANNIE-C, and HYUNDAI TREASURE - Romanian, Russian, and New Zea-lander; Korean, and
Burmese. Gave out Scriptures, prayed and blessed the vessel.
8 ships on Wednesday:
BRAUNSCHWEIG has Korean sailors. Friendly welcomed, prayed, gave the Scriptures, encouragement
and blessed their families.
CEC CONCORD, BBC JADE, and MONT ACE - Russian; Ukrainian; Russian, Romanian, and 1
Chinese. The only one Chinese cadet was so lonely. This is his first time on the sea. He has worked
six months for a year contract. It was very hard for him and the language barrier but he kept the faith. I
led him to the Lord and prayed with him. Please pray for this young cadet. His mother is a Christian.
LIAN YUN HU - Chinese. We were on this vessel last March. Four people came to pray and received
Jesus in their hearts.
Pastor Malone's Doctor exam was good. He is going to have another exam day after tomorrow.
3 ships on Friday:
CLIPPER CARIBE - Burmese, and Croatian. Prayed and blessed their families.
FAIRCHEM PEGASUS - Indian. 2 Christians on board. Prayed with a Hindu 2nd officer and the Muslim
captain. Most Hindus believed in prayers. This Muslim captain believed in good works. We let him
know that going to heaven is by God's grace and Jesus' blood. And he agreed.
DA QING - Chinese. We were on this vessel last February. All the crew has been changed since last
visit. The captain and the commissar both are communist, at least the commissar told us he was.
And because they don't want us to distribute the Scriptures and pray. Please pray for the Chinese
communist party. They believed in atheism. What a pity and shame.
Two people came to help the visitation today. One is from Fort Bend Community Church, The other is from katy Community Church.
Pastor Malone had very good reports form the doctor. He needs more exercise and more rest.
May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all. (2Co. 13:14)
Your brothers In Christ Tom Malone and Thomas Tao

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