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01/27/08 - 02/02/08

Dear seafarer's friends, 01/27/07 - 02/02/07

Mercy, peace and love be yours in abundance. (Jude. 2)
1/21: 3 ships. UAL ANGOLA, DESTING1, and STOL HILL - Russian, Polish, and Filipino.
Gave them the Word and the Word blessed them.
Pastor Malone and I had our weekly meeting on the Indian vessel, DS VANGUARD,
and we also visited the Chinese ship, KANG SHENG, together.
1/22: 2 ships. KERIM, and SPT CHALLENGER - Turkish and Indian. The KERIM had
Turkish officers and Indian crew. 1 Indian Christian and 2 seamen turned from
Hinduism to the Christian faith. Pray for God to open the eyes of the Muslims to
believe the Truth. There were many Indian Christians on board the SPT
CHALLENGER, and there was exceptional time of sharing and witnessing.
1/25: 2 ships. CHEMBULK BARCELONA - Burmese. 3 Christians and 1 salvation. Some
were known from previous vessels especially the chief officer have known for 13 years.
They were very hospitable and open to the Gospel.
STOLT HIKAWA - Filipino. A good Spirit filled visit.
ships visited this week
11 ships on Monday:
SWIFT SPLIT, TORM ANNE, JO KASHI, and STAR GRIP - Filipino, Croatian; Filipino;
Filipino; Filipino. Receptive. Gave away a lot of Lake Wood Church vidio tapes.
MARE DI RAVENNA, KARLA OMAYRA, and MARLIN - Romanian, Italian; Russian;.
and Polish. Short visits but responsive.
CHEMBULK WESTPORT - Burmese. Only the cheif cook is a Christian. Prayed with
him, blessed him and his family and the ship.
NEW ETERNITY - Chinese. This ship is going to New Orleans in 2 or 3 days to load
grain. 7 people were open to the invitation for the salvation prayer including the captain
in his cabin and 3 officers in the officer's mess room at the meal. They took all the
Christian literatures, Scriptures, and DVDs.
ORHAN DEVAL - Turkish. The captain was very receptive and took much of God's
Word. This opend the door for a Gospel witness among his crew. Pray that the Holy
spirit will move mightly in Turkey. There is a move of God in this country which is 99%
BISCAGLIA = Romanian, Russian, Bangalodesh, and mainly Indian. There were 4
Indian Christians and one salvation. The other crew members came to receive the
Bibles and for prayer.
2 ships on Tuesday:
volumnia - Indian. 4 Christians and 1 salvation. They were open to the Gospel, received
the Scriptures to seek the Truth themselves.
KOHZAN MARU V - There were no Christians, but before 2 left, 4 received Jesus in
their hearts. After much dicussion, Saw, the 3rd Engineer, also believed in Christ.
Time goes by quickly when ship visiting. The ministry is intense.
12 ships on Wednesday:
Dutch; Filipino, Russian, and Ukrainian; Filipino, Russian. They likeed DVDs and
the new year's calendar, but most of all, they wanted the blessings to their families
and the vessels.
CHANG HANG TAN SUO - Chinese. She is an oil tanker. Stayed 3 hours on the ship
to let them using the cell phone to phone home. 1 Christian and 2 salvations. All the
Gospel materials prepaired were given out.
SITAMIA - Indian, and 4 VietNamese. 5 Christians and 2 salvations. Prayed also with
one Christian, the electric engineer. He has one brother and one uncle who are
Christian prists. He was pleased to give the Bible study booklets and materials to the
other 3 Christians since they went to shore.
SHANGHAI, ISBEL KNUSTEN, and STORM BAY - Russian, and mainly Filipino.
Many key visits with some who were seeking. Prayed with them and blessed their
3 ships on Thursday:
STAR FRASER, and YM JUPITER - Filipino; Russian, and Ukrainian.
Prayed and blessed the vessel.
CHIPOLBROK MOON - Chinese. We were on this ship last Deptember 28. This is
almost totally a new crew. The ship was sailing at dinner time. The Gospel materials
and Scriptures were given out 2 hours earlier. No one was in the mess room, so
knocking on each cabinet door and serving them the Spiritual food was the technique
been used. Most of them were sleeping. 3 salvations and emptied the box.
5 ships on Friday:
THUN - Bulgarian, and Filipino: Russian: Russian, Maldivian, and Filipino: Romanian.
Gave out God's Word, and may whoever received them have the blessings.
SEA RAINBOW - Chinese. 1 Christian on board, the 3rh officer. He became a
Christian and got baptitized when he was a child. First the ship was very resistant
because the commissar didn't want to take any Scripture. As the time went by the
Holy Spirit eased people's hearts. We prayed for the chief cook and his mother inlaw
who is sick at home, and 1 mortorman in the engin room.
Frank came to help visiting the ships today. He really has a heart for the seamen.
To him who is able to keep you from falling and to present you before his glorious presence without fault and with great joy - to the only god our Savior be glory, majesty, power and authority, through Jesus Christ our Lord, before all ages now and forevermore! Amen.. (Jude. 24,25)
Your brothers In Christ Tom Malone and Thomas Tao

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