Saturday, June 28, 2008

06/22/08 - 06/28/08

Dear seafarer's friends, 06/22/08 - 06/28/08

Grace and peace to you.
ships visited this week
5 ships on Monday:
SANMAR MAJESTY, and ESHIPS EAGLE - All Indian; Indian, Russian, and Latvian. One Christian on
the first ship. A Hindu said he liked to be a Christian when we asked him so. We prayed the salvation
prayer with him and he accepted Jesus into his heart as his Lord and Savior. It all started with a simple
question. Took two Indian crew to seafarers center. Four Christians on the second ship.
BOW CEDAR, and BOW FIRDA - Filipino, and Norwegian; Filipino, and Norwegian. They all have
Scriptures and Jesus DVDs.
GOLDEN FLORENCE - Burmese, Korean, one Filipino, and one Chinese. One Burmese Christian on
Steven Chao from WHCC came and helped the ship visitation with me,
1 ship on Tuesday:
GOLDEN FLORENCE - Revisit for the only one Chinese cadet. I didn't give him a Chinese Bible
yesterday. He loved the one I gave to him today. Very close to salvation. His mother is a Christian.
Took the Korean captain and chief engineer to seafarers center and blessed them.
3 ships on Wednesday:
NORNA N - 5 Bengalese, 1 Ukrainian, 1 Romanian, and Indian. 2 Indian Christians on board. Prayed with the Bengalese captain and the Ukrainian chief engineer. But most importantly we prayed with the
Indian Christian bosun. He needs our prayer support for his stress. We sang duet for them on the
HYUNDAI TREASURE - Korean, and Burmese. No Burmese Christian, but receptive. Blessed the
crew and ship.
KANG HUAN - All Chinese. 2 Christians. Although they are not baptized yet, they publicly confessed
that they are believers of Jesus Christ. We sang Chinese Christian hymns, and Pastor Chiu gave his
testimony and provided a little entertainment for them. The seed was planted we just pray that the
Holy Spirit will help their faith to grow.
Pastor Jonathan Chiu from Formosan Evangelical Church came and helped the visitation greatly.
4 ships on Thursday:
AURETTE A - All Turkish. They were all Muslim. But some of them admitted that they were just so so
Muslim. And they loved the Scriptures and the Jesus DVDs.
CLIPPER KLARA - All Russian. Not very receptive.
. TMS MARIA - 2 Greek superintendents and the rest was all Chinese. Very open and friendly ship. The
2nd engineer was a baptized Catholic. He got the influence from his grand mom. He was nearly gone
to the seminary because the resistance from his parents. He watched the Jesus movie and the
Passion of the Christ before. He said he will pick up reading the Bible again.
. VARDEN - All Bengalese. Almost everyone can understand Hindi. No Christian on board but I was very
welcomed on the vessel.
4 ships on Friday:
YASA UNSAL SUNAR - Turkish. I was on this ship a month ago, only met some different persons this
time. Everybody was Muslim, still some were interested in the Scriptures and Jesus DVDs.
NAVIG8 SPIRIT, and NEW RANGER - All Indian; Indian, and Thai. 8 Christians on the first ship. I had
good fellowship with 5 of them together. 2 Christians on the second ship.
ICE FIELD - Ukrainian, and Polish. Responsive. Took 1 Ukrainian to seafarer's center.
3 ships on Saturday:
STOLT AQUAMARINE, and GASCHEM BEN FLOR - Filipino, Dutch, Croatian, Spanish, and 2
Chinese; Filipino, Ukrainian, and Polish. Prayed with the 2 Chinese cadets and lead them closer to
the Lord. Blessed the ships.
TMS MARIA - All Chinese. No short pass. This was the 2nd visit. I concentrated my time on the
captain. After I preached to him he agreed to pray the salvation prayer with me. We need to keep on
praying for his genuine faith in Christ.
Tom's Current Health Condition: (Tom wrote)
On June 24 I had a good report from my cardiologist. Since I have congestive heart failure with a weak,
enlarged heart, I must be careful of not having any re-occurrence. Dr Delgado is a top cardiologist at
the Texas Medical center who is taking very good care of me. I'm following his instructions and am
blessed to be alive.
Thomas is faithfully doing the work of an evangelist, and I'm helping him in different ways. He's being
ordained as a full time chaplain on Aug. 24 at West Houston Chinese Church - his home church.
The seamen's ministry is in transition with new developments in progress. It's becoming better
organized reaching out to move personnel involvement. In answer to prayer, more of God's work is
being accomplished, and we're favored with His anointing.
The grace of the Lord Jesus be with God's people. Amen. (Rev.22: 21)
Your brothers In Christ Tom Malone and Thomas Tao

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