Thursday, July 3, 2008

06/29/08 - 07/05/08

Dear seafarer's friends, 06/29/08 - 07/05/08

Grace and peace to you from God our Father and from the Lord Jesus Christ. (Ro. 1:7)
ships visited this week
7 ships on Monday:
and Filipino. Shared the Christian faith with them and delivered the Scriptures and Jesus DVDs to
TRITONIA, IKAN SPAT, and TMS MARIA - All Chinese; Filipino, and Chinese; Chinese, and 2 Greek.
CLIPPER TARGET - Indian, and 1 Burmese. Praise the Lord, the first ship was scheduled to sail
before we got there, but she postponed the sailing time for an hour, so we were able to tell them about
Jesus. I was on the second ship many times before, some knew me from the previous visits. There
was one new 2nd officer who was a Christian. We had a fellowship and a prayer meeting together. This
was the 3rd time I visited TMS MARIA since she came to Houston this time around. The captain and I
had the same last name. Steve and I sang duet "Follow Me" in Chinese for them. We had a good time
on board.
Steve Chao from WHCC came and helped the ship visitation.
6 ship on Tuesday:
GULF COAST, EEC PACIFIC, HAMRA, and STATENGRACHT - Indian, and Filipino; Indian, Russian,
Italian, and Filipino; All Filipino; Dutch, and Filipino. I had all good responses from the ships. There
were 2 Indian Christians on the first ship.
HAMRA - Ukrainian. Receptive.
TMS MARIA - Chinese, and 2 Greek. This was the 4th time I came on board in the last 5 days. The
Lord just told me to come back.
6 ships on Wednesday:
FR8 VENTURE - All Indian. 6 Indian Christians on board. Most of them interested in my phone cards,
but still someone liked the Scriptures I gave to them.
Filipino; Norwegian, and Filipino; Russian, VietNamese, and Filipino; Indian, and Filipino. 3 Korean
Christians on the first ship. They have a worship gathering every Sunday on this vessel. 3 Indian
Christians on the last ship. All the Filipino came out and rushed for the NIV Bibles and the Jesus
DVDs. This was the first time I had ever seen something like this.
TMS MARIA - All Chinese. 2 Greek. This was the fifth visit I came on board in the last 6 days. I had a
good fellowship and prayer meeting with the Catholic 1st engineer.
6 ships on Thursday:
BERNORA, SPT CHAMPION, and ATLANTIC FRONTIER - All Indian. The first ship had 3 Christians.
A Muslim, a Hindu and I prayed together. The second ship had 3 Christians. I was on the third ship
5 months ago. There was only one Christian on board. I prayed for him and gave them the Scriptures
and materials.
ORIENTAL EMERALD - All Russian. Receptive.
. LYRA LEADER - Japanese, and Filipino. This was a vehicle loading ship. The first ship I came by with
more than 3 Japanese crew on it. Short visit.
. CHEMICAL PIONEER - American. They received a NIV Holy Bible right before this Independence day ,
and a copy of the passion of the Christ DVD. People removed the Ten Commandments from the
schools and some public areas but not the ships. Let's clean the ships.
I am attending a West Houston Chinese Church's summer retreat this week end, so there going to be no ship visiting report the next couple of days.
To the only wise God be glory forever through Jesus Christ! Amen. (Ro. 16:27)
Your brothers In Christ Tom Malone and Thomas Tao

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