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05/31/09 - 06/06/09

Dear seafarer's friends, 05/31/09 - 06/06/09

Grace and peace to you. (1Th. 1:1)

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ships visited this week
5 ships on Monday:
GRACEFUL LEADER, and POS FREEDOM - Filipino, and Ukrainian; All
Chinese. We visited the second ship over a year ago. It was a different crew.
This was only an initial visit. Both ships were receptive.
Indian, and Ukrainian; All Indian. We were on the first ship last Oct., the second
ship last Mar., and the last ship a year ago. Three Christians on the first ship, two
fitters and one cadet. Six Christians on the second ship, two general stewards,
bosun, pump man, motor man, and second engineer. (see picture with the
Christians and Hindus). Two Christians on the last ship, second officer and a
Steve Chao from WHCC came and helped the visitation.
5 ships on Tuesday:
Filipino, Greek, and Romanian; All Indian; All Myanmar. We visited the first ship
last Apr., the last ship last Mar. Three Christians on the Indian ship, Fitter,
general steward, and a cadet. (see picture with the Christians and Hindus). Two
Christians on the Myanmar ship, the mess man, and an able seaman.
POS FREEDOM - All Chinese. The captain and the fourth engineer were the
\ converts after I delivered the Gospel to them. Prayed with six others before the
meal. We thanked for his salvation and for his food.
4 ships on Wednesday:
American; Filipino, Israeli, Romanian, Bulgarian, and Indian; Filipino, Polish,
Russian, Croatian, and Myanmar. Receptive except the Israeli, because Judaism.
POS FREEDOM - All Chinese. This was the third visit this week, just came
back to see the captain and the fourth engineer. (see picture, captain dresses
5 ships on Thursday:
PEPITO, VALERIE, and SANMAR SERENADE - All Filipino; Filipino,
Belgian, and Latvian; All Indian. We visited the third ship just two weeks ago.
Three Christians on board, fitter, able seaman, and a cadet..
LIAN SHENG HU, and LEOPOLD STAFF - All Chinese; Polish, and three
Chinese. We were on the first ship last Jan., and the second ship last Feb. One believer on the first ship, not baptized yet. They all watched the Jesus movie while
they were having dinner. Prayed with them and blessed the ships.
7 ships on Friday:
LYCIAN, BEN, and BALTIC CAPTAIN I - and HECTOR - All Filipino;
Filipino, and Russian; Filipino, Russian, and Bulgarian. Responsive. Prayed with
them blessed the crew and their families.
ATLANTIC HOPE, SOCOL 6, and YACU PUMA - All Russian; All Ukrainian;
Peruvian, and Columbian. Receptive. We were on the last ship last Mar. They all
have the Scriptures and Jesus DVD's.
CHEMBULK GIBRALTAR - All Myanmar. We were on this ship a year ago. Six Christians. Pastor Malone came and visited this ship by himself.
Here is the email Pastor Malone sent to me to add to the weekly report.

When I embarked, they told me there were no Christians on board. While visiting with them for an hour over their lunch break, we watched the Jesus film together in their own language. Six received Jesus as their saviour before going back to work. After asking them some questions, I was convinced that their salvation prayer was genuine. Many took the movie which is translated in 7 Myanmar languages back to their home land. Heaven only knows how many will be saved during their encounter with Jesus. They are open to the Gospel now as never before in the history of their country.
Some seamen told me that their Bible is difficult to understand. However, as they see Jesus in their heart language and read Luke's Gospel based on the movie, the Holy Spirit reveals to them their need for a saviour. The visual, written and spoken Word go together to bring about a great Salvation! In this ministry we're using many tools at our disposal to proclaim our living Lord.
As I don't get down to visit many ships anymore due to health issues, I can say that when I do it still feels as good as it did years ago. God is so good and my Doctors are the best. I thank you all for the many prayers and support of the ministry. May our Lord richly bless you
In Christ,

Someone from FBCC came and helped the visitation ministry with me today.
1 ship on Saturday:
LE JIN - All Chinese. Prayed with nine of them. (see some of their picture).

For those who are interested in knowing about TWIC, the phone number is (866) 347-8942 The link is

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. (1Th. 5:28)

Your brothers In Christ Tom Malone and Thomas Tao

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