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12/20/09 - 12/26/09

Dear seafarer's friends, 12/20/09 - 12/26/09

Grace, mercy and peace from God the Father and from Jesus Christ, the Father's
son, will be with us in truth and love. (2 Jn. 3)

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ships visited this week
1 ship on Sunday:
TAIXING - All Chinese. This ship had a small accident. She is repairing in
the dock. And the caroling team from HCC and WHCC was able to visit her
this afternoon. We had an opportunity to preach and witness to them publicly
and individually even though there was a commissar on board. (see picture 1,
2, 3, 4 for our group and their group). (see picture 5, 6, 7, 8 for the small
group evangelization). Six seamen raised up their hands for Jesus Christ.
Yingdau Lu from HCC, and sixteen from WHCC including two elders
organized the Gospel team to sing Christmas caroling and did testimony to
the ship.
6 ships on Monday:
STAR EVVIVA, ATLANTIC DREAM, and YAKIMA PRINCESS - All Filipino; All Filipino; Filipino, and a few Indian passenger. We visited the first
ship last Oct. All receptive. Prayed with them and blessed the crew.
BW BORG, MAGIC I, and FU HUA - All Indian, and one Russian second
officer; All Indian; All Chinese. We were on the first ship last Mar. There were
seven Christians on board, captain, chief cook, chief engineer, second officer,
fitter, motor man, and an ordinary seaman. (see picture 9 for two of them).
Prayed with them and gave them Scriptures and Jesus DVDs. There were
eleven Christians on the second ship, two captains, second officer, second
engineer, chief cook, general steward, third engineer, two fitters, bosun, and
an able seaman. (see picture 10 for some of them). Prayed with them and sang "Silent Night" for them. A revisit on the last ship.
Steven Chao from WHCC came and helped the visitation today.
8 ships on Tuesday:
STEALTH - All Chinese; All Indian; Indian, and Filipino; Indian, and Filipino.
Just a revisit on the first ship. The ship is still repairing. It won't sail probably till
the end of the month. There were three Christians on the second ship, chief
cook,an able seaman, and a motor man. (see picture 11 for some of the crew).
We were on the third ship last Oct. There was one Indian Christian on board,
general steward. (see picture 12 for some of the crew).
NEPTUNE - All Filipino; Filipino, and Ukrainian; All Ukrainian; All Thai. We
visited the first ship almost two years ago, the second ship last Sep. and the last
ship last Sep. All receptive.
2 ships on Wednesday:
GOLDEN IVY, and FORMOSA EIGHT - Filipino, Russian, and Myanmar;
Filipino, and Chinese. We were on the first ship last Apr., and the second ship
last Aug. There were only three Chinese on board, captain, chief engineer, and
third officer, the rest was all Filipino. I gave them Scriptures, Jesus DVDs, and
Christian literature. Both ships were responsive.
3 ships on Thursiday:
All Indian; Filipino, and Norwegianan. We were on the first ship last Sep. Most
of the crew remembered me very clearly. I prayed with them again and gave
them the Christian literature. Three of the seamen had shore pass, and they
wanted me to take them to shopping. We walked five minutes and came back,
because they didn't wear hard hat and goggle in the plant. When will these
security ban be lifted up, so they can come ashore freely?
2 ship2 on Saturday:
TAIXING, and NEW CONQUEST - All Chinese; Filipino, Chinese, and
Indian. A revisit on the first ship again. This was the third time this week. I
was hoping some one can come with me to church on Sunday, but no body
can come ashore. The shore pass they had were all expired. There were ten
Chinese on the second ship. I met five of them, and gave five sets of Scripture,
Jesus DVD, and literature away. And left five sets in the mess room for the
others to pick up. I also gave the Indian and Filipino Jesus DVD's of their

Peace to you. The friends here send their greetings. (3 Jn. 15)

Your brothers In Christ Tom Malone and Thomas Tao

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