Saturday, January 30, 2010

01/24/10 - 01/30/10

Dear seafarer's friends, 01/24/10 - 01/30/10
Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. (2Co. 1:2)

Our web-link is:
ships visited this week
2 ships on Sunday:
LU HAI, and BBC ELBE - All Chinese; Russian, Ukrainian, and German. We
visited the second ship last Jun. This time was receptive. It's only an initial visit
on the first ship. I talked to the captain and just let them know that I'll come back
4 ships on Monday:
STAR GRIP, and ADAM ASNYK - All Filipino; All Polish. We visited the first
ship last Nov. Both ships were receptive.
LU HAI, and SPRING PROGRESS - All Chinese; All Chinese. We were on
the second ship over a year ago. The captain was a strong believer but not
baptized yet. He already had a Christian name Paul. We explained the Scripture
to him, and urged him to be a born again Christian. He agreed and we baptized
him using a sprinkler format. (see picture 1 for the three of us, captain is in the
middle, Steven on the right, and I on the left). (see picture 2 for the other crew).
A revisit on the first ship. The ship was sailing, yet we were still able to pray
with three seamen and gave others the Gospel materials.
6 ships on Tuesday:
JO EDIK, and CHEMBULK HONGKONG - All Filipino; Polish, and
Myanmar. We visited the first ship over a year ago. Both ships were responsive.
CLIPPER AYA, and SAPPHIRE EXPRESS - All Indian; All Indian. We were
on the first ship last Jun. There were three Christians on board, the third mate,
general steward, and a cadet. There was only one Christian, the electrician, (see
picture 3, the one dressed white), on the second ship. Prayed with him and the
two Hindus.
GREAT CREATION, and RICKMERS TOKYO - All Chinese; Filipino, three
Chinese, and Romanian. We visited the second ship over a year ago. I met the
Chinese third mate and prayed with him. (see picture 4). (see picture 5 for the
crew on the first ship).
3 ships on Thursday:
Filipino, Greek, and Georgian; Ukrainian, and Filipino; All Indian. We visited
the second ship over a year ago. All three ships were receptive. The last ship
had only one Christian on board, the cadet. I had a chance to pray with him
and other three Hindus with the salvation prayer and gave them the Scriptures
and Jesus DVDs. He just got on the ship for two months. He is taking an
eighteen months training experience. After that he will take an examine to be a
third mate. He wanted me to pray for him and his family.
7 ships on Friday:
All Filipino; Filipino, and Greek; Filipino, Ukrainian, and Polish; Indian, and
Turkish. As I went to visit the second ship, the seaman on watch told me " I
know you from the previous visit on another ship." I was very glad to give him
more materials to give to others.
Myanmar; All Myanmar; All Romanian. We were on the second ship last Oct.
There were two Christians on board this time, Chief engineer and fitter. I met
another two seamen, they were responsive. There were two Christians on the
first ship, second mate and fourth engineer. (see picture 6 for the second mate
and I). I prayed with him.

May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all. (2Co. 13:14)

Your brothers In Christ Tom Malone and Thomas Tao

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