Friday, September 28, 2007

9/23/07 - 9/29/07

Dear seafarer's friends, 9/23/07 - 9/29/07
Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. (2Co. 1:2)
9/21: 4 ships
Filipino. Good visit with the Filipinos, but Russians unresponsive. Pray for Russia .
They've returning back to the old Soviet empire. Time is running out for open doors.
NEW AUSPICIOUS - Chinese. An exceptional visit. The captain received Jesus.
Before eating, all the officers agreed with their faith in Jesus. Some of the crew prayed
the salvation prayer.
9/22: 3 ships
SANKO CONFIDENCE, and BBC RUSSIA - Filipino. Many Scriptures given out.
GUANG XING ZHOU - Chinese. The seamen stopped working to come for their
Scriptures. Before eating we prayed, and they received their spiritual food. They prayed
the salvation prayer including the captain. We are living in harvest days with end time
ships visited this week
16 ships on Monday:
BBC SVENDBORG, ONEGO RIVER , and IMPERIUS - Russian, and manily
Filipino. Receptive, both Russian and Filipino.
ORBIT, BBC GREECE , and BBC ECUADOR - Pakistan , Polish, Ukrainian, and
Russian. Responsive.
IKAN SEPAT - Chinese, Filipino, Burmese, and Polish.. We were on this ship
November 19, last year. Most people went ashore after dinner. But we still have 7
salvations. One seaman said "Jesus is in my heart. He is aways in my heart." Amen?
AMBA BHAVANEE - Indian. 8 Christians on this vessel. Prayed with one Hindu, for
his salvation. Gave 3 Christians a ride to take a taxi.
and ORION HIGHWAY - Russian, and Filipino. Good visits on all these vessels.
CLIPPER VALOUR - Indian. Visited this ship a few months ago. It was a great reunior
and a time to build on relationships. There were 6 Christians and spent a long visit with
one of them. Since they had so many questions, it's important to take the time to
share the Word.
5 ships on Wednesday:
AFINA , PANAMA EXPRESS, and KENT PIONEER - Russian, Ukrainian, Columbia ,
Romanian, and Filipino. Good and short visits.
IKAN PROGRESO - Filipino, and Chinese. We were on this ship before. The Filipinos
were all Christians. led 10 Chinese to pray to received Jesus Christ into their hearts.
TAIXING - Chinese. We were on this vessel this month the 6th. Most of them got their
Bibles. A few of them received the Bibles and materials this time. Some followed up,
and led them to give thanks to the Lord at the meal.
5 ships on Thursday:
JAG LAXMI, and EAGLE AURIGA - Indian. 9 and 2 Christians. 2 Hindu salvations.
CAP PHILIPPE, and SEABOARD DISCOVERER - Greek, El Salvador , Romanian,
Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Polish, Maldivian, and Filipino. Prayed with the Greek
chidf cook. He was so appreciated. Every language had their own Scriptures.
ENGIN KAPTANOGLU - Turkish. 3 armed security guards were on deck. But some
of them were still glad to received the Scriptures, Jesus DVD's, and tracts of their own
8 ships on Friday:
AEGEAS, KIHULAND, and VINASHIN MOONSTONE - Filipino, Greek, Lithuania ,
Indian, VietNamese, and Banglanesh. Good response. Prayed with them and blessed
the ship. They vaved their hans even when we left far away from the ship.
SCM ELPIDA, and ROMUVA - Russian, and Lithuania . Receptive.
GOLDEN ELIZABETH - Filipino, Myanmar , and Chinese. 2 Myanmar Christians. 2
Myanmar salvations and 2 Chinese salvations.
DIAMOND OCEAN - Myanmar . 3 Christians and 1 salvation.
CHIPOLBROK MOON - Chinese. We were on this boat May 19, this year, most crew
has been changed since. The commissar was very friendly but materialism. The Holy
Spirit still helped, there were 9 salvations on this ship.
May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all. (2Co. 13:14)

Your brothers In Christ

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