Sunday, September 23, 2007

9/09/07 - 9/15/07

Dear seafarer's friends,

Grace and peace to you from God our Father and from the Lord Jesus Christ. (Ro. 1:7)
9/07: 3 ships
RICKMERS SHANGHAI, and FOMALHAUT - Filipino. Good visits.
PAC ATHENA - Filipino and 7 Chinese. 2 Born again Filipinos on fire for Jesus. 4 of
the 7 Chinese opened up their hearts for salvation. One was the third officer who had a
lot of questions. The other 3 was working in the engine room. Took 2 Chinese to make
calls home.
9/08: 3 ships
FASE, GOUPA, and MINERVA VIRGO - Indian, Russian and mainly Filipino.
Distributed many Scriptures and DVD's. Counseled 1 Filipino officer who was delivered
from smoking. He experienced a great breakthough.
ships visited this week
8 ships on Monday:
MALTE B, RENATA, and MARYBELLE - Russian, and mainly Filipino. Gladly
FEDERAL WELLAND - Indian. 1 Chrisstian and 1 salvation. Some seekers.
SMARTY - Ukrainian, and Sri Lanka. The captain didn't allow us to stay long, but we
had a church on the deck. many received Scriptures.
SCL THUN - Bulgarain, Romanian, and Russian. Responsive.
PACIFIC MAKASSAR - British, Filipino, and Chinese. Prayed with the Filipino and the
Chinese. One of the Chinese said that thanked Jesus for our coming.
FREJA DANIA - Indian. 6 Christians. Many came to receive their Scriptures. Took 5
shopping, and they responded by praying the salvation prayer including a Sik.
6 ships on Tuesday:
FIONA, and ARKHANGELSK - Russian. Friendly welcomed. Some remembered us.
They really enjoyed watching the Jesus film.
MATWA, SAGA JOURNEY, and REINA ROSA - Greek, and mainly Filipino. They
liked Daily Bread and DVD's.
BALTICON HAMBURG - Bulgarain, and Russian. Receptive.
4 ships on Wednesday:
Greek, and mainly Filipino. Knew some form previeous visits. A great opportunity for
follow up. Very receptives.
8 ships on Thursday:
BOE STRAIT, and SHAMROCK - Ukrainian, and mainly Filipino. Received the Bibles.
THOR NECTAR - Thai. They all Buddhist, but they liked the Thai gospel materials
delivered to them.
CUMBRIA - Russian, and Polish. Receptive. They liked the passion of the Christ film.
SHEILA MCDEVITT - American. They needed the NIV Bible. Blessed the ship..
GENCO RELANCE - Chinese. Steve took 12 to church last night, and they all got
saved. There is one Christian on board, the general steward. Pray for his quit smoking,
and his mother is over 70 years old and is sick in bed, heart problem.
SUNSHINE SKY - Korean and Burmese. 2 Korean and 1 Burmese Christians. 2
Burmese for salvation. Spent time visiting with them.
CLIPPER ACEANICA - 3 Christians and 5 salvations including a 20 year old cadet. 1
Muslim tried to argue, but the conversation was focused on Jesus, so he left. Pray for
the Muslims especially during their observance of Ramadan.
5 ships on Friday:
BORON NAVIGATOR, and BELUGA ETERNITY - Filipino, German, and Russian. 1
born again Christian came forward. They asked about the Christian materials were
free. It's a gift from the church was the answer.
BBC HELGOLAND - German, Russian, and Ukrainian. Responsive.
DS MIRAGE - Indian. 8 Christians and 1 salvation. First they heard the missionary and
saw the box of Bibles and materials they said no, they din't need this. Then the Lord
gradually lead the way. After the chief officer came and gave the permission, their
attitude changed. They became very polite and asked how much were those materials.
After they knew those were gifts from the church, they received gratefully. A list of
prayer request was given by a Christian officer, (to remember him in the private prayer).
JING AN CHENG - Chinese. We were on this ship last May 21. 3 new crew received
Jesus. Took the fourth engineer to shopping. He was saved last time but still smoking.
Pray for his faith and his wife's health.
To the only wise God be glory forever through Jesus Christ! Amen. (Ro. 16:27)
Your brothers In Christ Tom Malone and Thomas Tao

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