Saturday, July 12, 2008

07/06/08 - 07/12/08

Dear seafarer's friends, 07/06/08 - 07/12/08

Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. (1Co. 1:3)
ships visited this week
6 ships on Monday:
ATLANTIC ACTION, and LARA - All Russian. Delivered the Russian Scripture and Jesus DVDs.
SEA BELL, and DIAMOND GLORY - Filipino, and Korean; All Filipino. Sharing the faith with them in
prayer and distributed the Scriptures.
SOUTHERN SIRIT, and LI BAI - All Chinese. Praise the Lord, this was the tenth time I had been on the
first ship, first time this year. 6 people prayed the salvation prayer together. We just simply told them
that we wanted to know more about ourselves and more abouat God, therefor we prayed this prayer.
Steve and I sang duet "Follow Me" in Chinese for both vessels. This was a resit on the second vessel.
Eighteen days ago I was on the same vessel.
Steve Chao from WHCC came and helped visiting the vessels.
14 ships on Tuesday:
NORDMERKUR, and SEA LAVENDER - All Filipino; All Filipino; All Filipino; Croatian, and Filipino;
Greek, and Filipino; Polish, Bulgarian, Russian, and Filipino; Russian, Polish, 1 Chinese, Sri lanka,
and Filipino; Greek, Romanian, South African, Serbian, and Filipino. All very responsive.
EAGLE CHARLOTTE, and STOLT TOPAZ - All Indian; British, Ukrainian, Filipino, Dutch, Venezuelan,
and Indian. 6 Christians on the first ship. 1 Muslim caught me to debate the authority of the Bible and
the Koran, I had to use the Scripture to defend myself. He accepted the Scriptures I gave to him and
prayed with me at the end. 1 Christian on the second ship.
DELAWARE TRADER - American. They received 1 copy of the NIV NT.
STOLT MARKLAND, and MARE ATLANTIC - All Russian; Russian, and Georgian. Receptive.
LI BAI - All Chinese. This was a revisit. The commissar was very fond of this visit.
8 ships on Wednesday:
W. H. BLOUNT, and PACIFIC LEADER - Indian, and Filipino; Indian, Filipino, and Sri Lanka. 3 Indian
Christians on board the first ship.
UBC TORONTO, BOW FAGUS, and NORDIC COPENHAGEN - All Filipino; All Filipino; Russian, and
Filipino. Receptive as usual. Prayed and blessed the vessels.
OCEAN ATLAS - American. They received 1 copy of the NIV NT.
SOPHIE RICKMERS - Burmese. Chief cook was the only Christian on board. After we prayed with the
chief cook, the general steward wanted us to pray for him too.
LI BAI - All Chinese. This was the fourth visit I came on this vessel in the last 3 weeks. We had a small
evangelical meeting on board starting with 3 duet hymns and a testimony. Many of them raised their hands for Jesus. Please pray for the discernment of the Lordship of Jesus in their lives.
Pastor Jonathan Chiu from Formosan Evangelical Church came and helped the visitation a great deal.
4 ships on Thursday:
CEC MEADOW, and BBC TAHITI - Russian, and Filipino; All Russian. They received the Scriptures
and Jesus DVDs with gladness..
. SPT CHALLENGER, and STOLT VISION - All Indian. 4 Christians on the first ship. 3 Christians on the
second ship. Hindus are polytheists. They don't mind you pray with them. I prayed with them and let
them know that Jesus Christ is the Lord.
4 ships on Saturday:
ATLANTIS PRIDE, and CORAL MILLEPORA - All Filipino; Filipino, Russian, Indonesian, and Dutch.
Prayed for their families and blessed their vessels.
ITB MOBILE - American. They received 1 copy of the NIV NT.
CHIPOLBROK SUN - Chinese. We gave them God's Words. 2 persons received Jesus.
Weibin Lu, Suixiong Pan, and Maoye Sun from WHCC came and helped visitation with me. They were great helpers.
The grace of the Lord Jesus be with you. My love to all of you in Christ Jesus. Amen. (1Co. 16:23,24)
Your brothers In Christ Tom Malone and Thomas Tao

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