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07/13/08 - 07/19/08

Dear seafarer's friends, 07/13/08 - 07/19/08

Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. (2Co. 1:2)
ships visited this week
6 ships on Monday:
CEC FUTURE - All Russian. Gave out the Scriptures and Jesus DVDs.
GLORY ATLANTIC, and INDUSTRIAL CENTURY - All Filipino. Prayed with them and blessed
the vessels.
SEA CONFIDENCE - 5 Myanmar, and Chinese. We were on this ship last April. Some of them still
knew me. Gave them Myanmar Jesus DVD's and prayed with 5 Chinese.
CORDILLERA - Pakistan, Indonesian, Ukrainian, and Romanian. Responsive.
SERPENTINE - All Indian. 4 Christians on board. Prayed with 3 Hindus for Jesus Christ is the only
Son of God.
Steven Chao from WHCC came and helped visiting the vessels.
1 ship on Tuesday:
FORMOSA THIRTEEN - All Chinese. We were on this ship last Nov. I knew the chief engineer. He was
very happy I remembered his full name. After we chatted a little bit, he took me to see the captain. To
my surprise, the captain told me he read the salvation prayer which I wrote and gave away on the
bookmarks every night before he went to bed. I explained a little bit about that we are sinners saving by
grace, and he accepted the Lord as his personal savior.
10 ships on Wednesday:
Filipino; Japanese, and Filipino; Polish, and Filipino. Prayed with the crew and delivered the
PILION, ISLAND TRIANGLE, and CEC CENTURY - All Russian; All Ukrainian; Russian, Ukrainian, and
Latvian. Receptive. Blessed the crew and vessels.
YELLOWSTONE, and ISLAND SKIPPER - All Burmese; Greek, Romanian, and Burmese. 4 Christians on the first ship. Delivered God's Word and Jesus DVDs.
FREJA DANIA - All Indian. 3 Christians on board including the captain. Prayed with the captain and
blessed the vessel.
3 ships on Thursday:
FEDERAL MANITOU - Polish, and Sri Lanka. They were glad to receive the Scriptures of their own
CLIPPER GOLFITO - Korean, Burmese, Ukrainian, and Croatian. Receptive.
LIAN XING HU - All Chinese. We were on this ship last Dec. Since April 2003, I have been visiting
many vessels from various countries. Sometimes I was just wondering how come the hearts of so
many Chinese were so hard. I just pray that more will come to Jesus before He comes back again.
Took 2 Chinese to the seafarer's center.
6 ships on Friday:
STOLT SPRAY, GREEN POINT, and FRONT SYMPHONY - All Filipino; Croatian, and Filipino;
Russian, Ukrainian, and Filipino. Prayed and blessed their loved ones.
GOLDEN IVY, and GOLDEN JANE - Korean, Burmese, and 2 Chinese; Korean, Burmese, and 4
Chinese. Prayed with the Chinese and blessed the vessels. I didn't have a Chinese box, but I had
spared Chinese Bibles and Jesus DVDs.
BERGE SUMMIT - All Indian. 5 Christians on board. I met 3 of them and prayed with them.
10 ships on Saturday:
Filipino; Filipino, Russian, Ukrainian, and Dutch; Filipino, Ukrainian, and Russian; Filipino, and
Russian; Filipino, Russian, and Ukrainian. Prayed for the crew and blessed their vessels.
UAL MEXICO - All Polish. Very receptive.
ESTERE - Russian, Ukrainian, and Latvian. We were refused to go into the mess room, but we still
gave out Scriptures on the deck.
BAYTUR - All Turkish. We had resistance on board, but we were still able to give out Scriptures and
Jesus DVDs.
JOSE STREAM - All Burmese. 2 Christians on board. And one Buddhist said he liked to become a
Christian. We prayed with him and led him invited Jesus to come into his heart. His name is Sunn Yu.
He received the Scripture, and his wife and children are Christians. This ship is going to New Orleans
NAVIG8 STEALTH II - All Indian. 6 Christians on board. We were on this vessel last March 7. We sang
some hymns and blessed the vessel.
Ying-Dau Lu, Mrs.Kelley Kao, and Daniel Jen from HCC came and helped the visit. They were good helpers.
Testimony from Pastor Malone:
* Jesus is my healer as I'm contending with a congestive heart failure. Last Feb. I had many tests to determine what if or anything can be done for my disease. While in my hospital bed one afternoon, I was so weak that I thought I was on my way to heaven. The angels were on standby. I told the Lord I was ready.
* God is so loving and always concerned about you. To my surprise He asked me question: Do you want to come home or remain behind to be with your family and ministry. Since He allowed me to exercise my free will, I chose the latter decision. The next day my cardiologist told me the tests were negative, and that a new modern pacemaker and defibrillator would be inserted. God is always right as you're in line with His perfect will.
* Thomas is doing a great work in the ministry. He's taking brothers with him doing all the ship visiting. I'm
helping in different ways.
* Prayer requests: Since our ministry is in transition, we're having an important board meeting Aug. 12, and Thomas ordination is Aug. 24.
* 2 requests: Anthony Siadari, please send me your testimony about your experience in Houston and present pastoral duties.
* Marshal Bundren, please send me testimony about Turko.
May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all. (2Co. 13:14)
Your brothers In Christ Tom Malone and Thomas Tao

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