Sunday, October 5, 2008

09/28/08 - 10/04/08

Dear seafarer's friends, 09/28/08 - 10/04/08

ships visited this week
4 ships on Sunday:
Filipino, and Greek; Filipino, and Polish. Those ships were visited by Pastor Malone, not on board but down
at the end of the gangway. Good responses.
8 ships on Monday:
Filipino, and Greek; Filipino, and Polish. We revisited those ships to deliver to them what they didn't get
yesterday: Jesus DVDs, The passion of the Christ DVDs, and English Christian songs CDs.
SAT TRINITY - All Chinese. There was one Christian on board. He had a lot questions, we had fellowship
with him and prayed with him. Also shared the Gospel with the captain and the chief engineer. Both of them
chose to receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior.
GENCO CAVALIER - All Indian. Two Christians on board, chief cook and general steward. We prayed with
them and blessed them.
JOSE BREEZE, and GOLDEN CHARLOTTE - All Myanmar; Myanmar, and Korean. All Buddhists on the
first ship. Receptive on both ships.
Steven Chao from WHCC came and helped visiting the vessels. Praise the Lord..
5 ships on Tuesday:
AURORA AMETHYST, and NAVIOS HERAKLES - All Filipino; Filipino, and Greek. We visited the first
ship last Feb. and last Jun. We went on board and prayed with them. Very receptive. Pedro can speak
Tagalog so we prayed in Tagalog. A short revisit on the second ship.
BBC GIBRALTAR - All Russian. Receptive. They were glad to receive the Scriptures.
SEA HARVEST, and BRIGHT LAKER - All Chinese. Chinese, and 2 Korean. We were on the first ship
three years ago. Evangelized the chief engineer this time. Chief officer made his choice to let Jesus coming
into his heart after we shared the Gospel with him. Scriptures and Jesus DVDs had been delivered.
Pedro Go from WHCC came and help the ministry today. Thank you Lord.
4 ships on Wednesday:
JIN RONG, and NORDIC RUTH - All Chinese; Indian, and Chinese. Many knew me from the previous visits
on the first ship. Led them to pray and blessed them. There was only one Chinese on the second ship.He
was so glad to talk Chinese with me and received so many Chinese Scriptures and Gospel materials.
Prayed with him an Indian Christian. There were four Indian Christians on board.
OCEAN GRACE, and SPT CONQUEROR - All Indian. Three Christians on the first ship. Prayed with the
Christians and Hindus. Four Christians on the second ship.
3 ships on Thursday:
TATJANA, and MEDI VALENCIA - All Romanian; All Filipino. A short visit just deliver the Gospel materials.
LEOPOLO STAFF - Polish, Chinese, and Filipino. There was a chance to have a personal evangelism with
a Chinese cadet. He made his choice to come to the Lord. Pray for his personal relationship with the Lord.
Rev. Mike Cooke from Ketchikan, Alaska came and participate the ministry today.
Rev Mike Cooke met Rev. Tom Malone on Friday. Three of us had a good lunch together.
1 ship on Saturday:
GRAND VIEW - All Chinese. The ship was here early last year. Only three people has short pass. Bosun,
chief cook and an able seaman. They promised they could come to church with me on Sunday.
Rev. Mike Cooke had a sharing of the seamen ministry in Ketchikan in the mission fellowship meeting in
WHCC tonight. Over 30 some people attended the meeting.
Grace be with you all. (Heb. 13:25)
Your brothers In Christ Tom Malone and Thomas Tao

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