Saturday, October 11, 2008

10/05/08 - 10/11/08

Dear seafarer's friends, 10/05/08 - 10/11/08

Greetings. (Jas. 1:1)
ships visited this week
1 ship on Sunday:
GRAND VIEW - All Chinese. Picked three seamen to WHCC. Weibin Lu took them to shopping after lunch,
then sent them back to the ship.
Rev. Mike Cooke had a sharing in both the Chinese Congregation and the English Sunday School at WHCC.
4 ships on Monday:
IKAN SEPAT - Filipino, and Chinese. We were on this ship three month ago. A short visit with some of the
friends. Prayed with six Chinese.
ZHONG HAI, and HAONING GLORY - All Chinese. We were on the first ship last year. Didn't stay very
long there. One Christian on the second ship. We promised to pray for each other. Prayed with 15 of them.
DUBAI STAR - Indian, Ukrainian, Maldivian, and Indonesian. Four Christians on board including the only
Maldivian. Prayed with them and the Muslims and blessed them.
4 ships on Tuesday:
PACIFIC CELEBES - Filipino, Chinese, Irish, and British captain. We visited this ship last May. It's a new
crew. We prayed with the Chinese and took some pictures. Receptive.
JAG REENA - All Indian. Three Christians on board we met one. Prayed with him and the other Muslims.
They liked the Jesus DVDs.
OCEAN BELLE, and TAIXING - All Chinese. We were on the first ship last May. Many crew knew us.
Thirteen of them has short pass. Steve Yeboah took seven to his church in the evening. We were on the
second ship in Sep. last year. Very resistance on prayers, but they received Scriptures, Jesus DVDs and
Gospel materials.
Steven Chao from WHCC came and helped visiting the vessels today. Praise the Lord..
4 ships on Thursday:
MIBORG, and HYUNDAI TREASURE - All Myanmar; Korean, and Myanmar. No Myanmar Christian
on either ships. Gave them the Jesus DVDs and the Gospel materials.
MONIUSZKO - Polish, and Chinese. We were on this ship last May. Most of the crew has been changed
since then. We were very friendly welcomed. They received all of our Scriptures and Gospel supplies. We
made the first step. They wanted us to come back again.
LARVIK - All Indian. Five Christians on board. We prayed with them and the Hindus and Muslims. One
Christian wanted us to pray for his family's land problem especially
Peter Ko from WHCC came and help the ministry today. Praise the Lord.
7 ships on Friday:
NEGOTIATOR, and SELENDANG INTAN - All Filipino; Indian, and Filipino. Although there was no Indian
Christian on the second ship, we gave out the Scriptures and Jesus DVDs.
UAL CONGO, BBC AMAZON, and YM JUPITER - Russian, Estonia, and Latvian; Russian, and German;
Russian, and Turkish. One of the German seamen was very polite, and very receptive.
GENCO CARRIER - All Chinese. Initial visit.
YASA GULTEN - All Turkish. All Muslim on board, but they like the Scriptures and Jesus DVDs.
Payton Huang from WHCC English group came and helped the ministry today. Thank the Lord.
9 ships on Saturday:
COS PROSPERITY, GENCO CARRIER, and PAC ANTARES - All Chinese; All Chinese; Filipino, Myanmar, and Chinese. It was just an
initial visit on the first ship. We were on the second ship in Feb. last year. Most of them have short pass. Steve Yeboah took six of them
to his church Thursday night. Some others said they can come to church with me on Sunday. Many of them stepped forward and prayed
together. Thank God for softening their hearts. They received all the Gospel materials we brought.
JO SYPRESS, BOW PRIMA, FANY, and BARCAROLLE - Dutch, and Filipino; Norwegian, and Filipino; Korean, and Filipino; Russian,
and Filipino. Two Korean Christians on the third ship. Some of these ships are coming to Houston regularly, but the crew were usually
BBC MISSISSIPPI, and DOBRUDJA - Russian, and German; All Bulgarian. Receptive. Bulgarian were thirsty for Scriptures. I didn't
bring any with me only gave them the Jesus DVDs. If any other port read this, please take some Bulgarian Bibles to them.
Weibin Lu from WHCC came and helped the ministry. He likes to drive. So I let him drove, and I got a free ride.
My brothers, if one of you should wander from the truth and some should bring him back, remember this: Whoever turns a sinner from the error of his way will save him from death and cover over a multitude of sins. (Jas. 5:20)
Your brothers In Christ Tom Malone and Thomas

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