Sunday, October 7, 2007

9/30/07 - 10/06/07

Dear seafarer's friends, 9/30/07-10/06/07

Praise the Lord, Pastor Malone is back home now. He had a leaky valve in his heart, that's why he is keeping coughing. He doesn't need a surgery but a lot of rest. He stays in his son
Mark's house, and it's probablly gona take him another week for the full recovery.

Praise the Lord Pastor Malone still doing some directing working of this ministry. Visited 10 ships today.
ARMERIA - Russian, Indian, Ukrainian, Romanian, Greek, and manily Filipino. Good
visits. Blessed the ships.
JAEGER, and EIGER - Ukrainian, and Russian. Responsive. I learned a new work,
MAKA means thank you.
CHEMICAL PIONEER - American. Blessed the ship.
PACIFIC JAVA - Filipino, Chinese, Myanmar, Russian, and British. There was a female
cadet from Hong Kong. She is a Christian. A lot of Gospel material was given out, the
ship and the crew's family were blessed.
MARITIME DIAMOND - Chinese. It was a rather short visit. They got their Scriptual
materials. 1 salvation.

May the Grace of the Lord be with your spirit.

Your brothers in Christ Tom Malone and Thomas Tao

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