Saturday, August 16, 2008

08/10/08 - 08/16/08

Dear seafarer's friends, 08/10/08 - 08/16/08

Grace and peace to you from God our Father. (Col. 1:2)
ships visited this week
3 ships on Monday:
ALEXIA - Russian, and Ukrainian. We delivered extra Scriptures and Jesus DVDs.
SANAGA - All Chinese. We did a little bit Bible study with the 2nd officer, bosun, and an able seaman.
Then we concluded with a salvation prayer by accepting that we are sinners and invited Jesus in our
POS FREEDOM - All Chinese. One Christian on board, the chief cook. After we sang some hymns
and explained the salvation prayer, 12 people stood up and prayed together. Praise the Lord. Only 3
seamen had short pass. We took the 2nd officer and the motor man to Wal Mart shopping and sent
them back.
Steven Chao from WHCC came and helped visiting the vessels.
4 ships on Wednesday:
PAC ALTAIR, KANG QIANG - Filipino, Myanmar, and Chinese; All Chinese. It was a short visit on the
first ship. And it was a harvest on the 2nd ship. About 20 people including the officers and the crew
came to pray the salvation prayer. We also presented to them Christian songs, testimony, and short
message. They liked the Scriptures, Gospel literature, DVDs and CDs.
MARE DI NAPOLI - Italian, and Romanian. Sent them the Jesus DVD and blessed the vessel.
ABU DHABI STAR - Indian, Russian, and Filipino. 4 Indian Christians on board. Prayed and delivered
Scriptures, and the Jesus DVDs.
Pastor Jonathan Chiu, and brother Youn Sha Chan from Formosan Evangelical Church came and helped the ministry. I really appreciated their coming. The Lord did too.
9 ships on Thursday:
UBC SANTOS, AYIA MARINA, BBC PERU, and MALTE B - All Filipino; All Filipino; Filipino, Polish
and Russian; Filipino, Ukrainian, Russian, and Lithuania. Delivered the Scriptures prayed and blessed
the vessels.
FEDERAL MACKINAC, and MAERSK CONSTELLATION - All Indian; All American. Two Christians on
the first ship. Prayed with one and a Muslim. Very receptive on the American vessel. .
LU XUN, NORDANA MATHILDE, and IKAN PROGRESO - All Chinese; All Chinese; Filipino,
Singapore, and Chinese. We were on the first ship last April. Some seamen knew me. Finished
distributing all the gospel materials I brought. I played a little magic with a short message and caught
their attention. 16 of them formed a circle, and we prayed the salvation prayer. Praise the Lord. An
initial visit on the second ship. Planned to come back tomorrow. A short visit on the third ship. Prayed
with the Filipino and the Chinese.
4 ships on Friday:
KANG QIANG, and NORDANA MATHILDE - All Chinese; All Chinese. This was a revisit on the first
ship. We had a little Q & A time on the vessel. The we left with blessings. We were on the second ship
last April. Some knew me from the previous visit. Prayed with the captain and some others. The
message was delivered and the seeds were planted.
FORTUNE EPOCH - All Filipino. Blessed the crew and the vessel.
SUMATRA PALM - Filipino, Myanmar, and 4 Chinese including the captain. We caught the ship before she was ready to sail. Prayed with the captain, the chief officer and one other seamen. Thank the Lord.
Some one doesn't want to mention his name came from FBCC and helped the visitation.
3 ships on Saturday:
FU AN CHENG, and FORMOSA FOURTEEN - All Chinese. 2 Christians on the first vessel. The
commissar was very resistant when we started to talk to him, but became very polite when we left. We took the captain and 2 fourth engineers to China Town shopping, and prayed with them and for them in
the van. The Scriptures and the Jesus DVDs were delivered on both vessels.
STAR GEIRANGER - All Filipino. Blessed the crew and the vessel.
Mrs.Kelley Kao, Daniel Jen, and Brother Lichow Tan from HCC came and assisted the visitations.
Grace be with you. (Col. 4:18)
Your brothers In Christ Tom Malone and Thomas Tao

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