Friday, August 22, 2008

08/17/08 - 08/23/08

Dear seafarer's friends, 08/17/08 - 08/23/08

Grace and peace to you. (1Th. 1:1)
ships visited this week
4 ships on Monday:
FEDERAL MATTAWA, and SPT NAVIGATOR - Filipino, and Croatian; Filipino, Croatian, British,
Indian, Georgian, and Italian. We gave out Scriptures, Jesus DVDs, as well as prayed with them.
YONG AN CHENG - All Chinese. This was a familiar ship. Some of the crew knew us from the previous
visit and on other ships. Captain was polite but refused to talk more about the salvation. Steve gave 4
seamen a free hair cut while I took an able seaman to Wal Mart shopping. This was the 2nd time I
prayed the salvation prayer with this AB. May God blesses his heart.
YASA ILHAN - All Turkish. They were all Muslim but they like the Scriptures and Jesus DVDs we gave them.
Steven Chao from WHCC came and helped visiting the vessels.
9 ships on Wednesday:
ISABELLA KOSAN, PAC ALNATH, and FULL RICH - All Filipino; Filipino, Myanmar, Chinese,
Singalpor, and Romanian; All Chinese. Short visit on the first ship. It was a good visit on the 2nd ship.
3 Chinese came to pray the salvation prayer. We presented to the third ship some Christian songs,
and a testimony. 7 people came and Pastor Chiu prayed for them and the vessel.
SERENA, DORINE, and VIKING STAR - All Romanian; All Polish; All Latvia. Delivered to them the
Scriptures, Jesus DVDs, and blessed the ships.
OCEAN VIRGO, SIRORAT NAREE, and CHALOTHORN NAREE - All Indian; Indian, and Thai; Indian,
Thai, and Sri Lanka. 4 Indian Christians on the first ship. Prayed and gave them the Scriptures, and the
Jesus DVDs. No Thai Christian on the second ship. 2 Indian Christians on the third ship.
Pastor Jonathan Chiu from Formosan Evangelical Church came and helped the ministry. It was very nicely done.
10 ships on Thursday:
Filipino; Filipino, and Russian; Filipino, and Russian; Filipino, and Polish. Gave away the Scriptures
prayed and blessed the ships.
KAPITAN DANILKIN, and BBC MISSISSIPPI - All Russian. Receptive. .
GENCO WISDOM, and GOLDEN DOMINIQUE - All Chinese; Korean, Myanmar, and Chinese. We
were on the first ship last February. Many knew me from the previous visits. They wanted to get familiar
with me too. Prayed and blessed the vessel. I told them that I will come back tomorrow. Only 1
Chinese 3rd engineer on the second ship. I could tell he was so lonely. He said that I was the first
Chinese he met in this half of the sphere. We prayed and he received Jesus into his heart. No Korean
Christian, but 2 Myanmar Christians. They look different. What a living testimony for Jesus. We prayed together and blessed the vessel.
NAVIG8 SPIRIT - All Indian. I was on this ship last June. 3 Christians on board. A short visit and
blessed the vessel.
6 ships on Friday:
HISTRIA CORAL, and LUCKY TRANSPORTER - All Romanian; Romanian, and Indian. They were
happily received their Scriptures and Jesus DVDs.
NIEBLA, HIGH GLOW, and KRISJANIS VALDEMARS - Spanish, Honduras, and Peruvian; Filipino, and
Myanmar; All Ukrainian. Well receptive. 1 Myanmar Christian on the second ship. Blessed the ships.
GENCO WISDOM - All Chinese. This was a revisit. Prayed with 3, the captain, the chief engineer, and.
the general steward. Took 7 to go to Wal Mart including the chief officer and the chief cook, prayed with
them in the van. Thank God.
The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. (1Th. 5:28)
Your brothers In Christ Tom Malone and Thomas Tao

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