Saturday, December 13, 2008

12/07/08 - 12/13/08

Dear seafarer's friends, 12/07/08 - 12/13/08 Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. (Gal. 1:3)Our weblink is: Christmas BlessingPray for the seafarers this Christmas season. Many years of experience has taught us that they are most receptive this time of the year. There are unique ways to share with them the joyful gifts of Jesus in the Spirit's power. May we use the opportunities God gives us to impact the message of salvation through faith in our loving Savior. Thomas and Tom want to bless our readers and supporters this Christmas season and in the new year. We're grateful for all your love and involvement. God is blessing us with a greater harvest of souls than ever in 2009.ships visited this week6 ships on Monday: ATLANTIC HOPE, and AALBORG - All Russian; Polish, Ukrainian,
Romanian, and Bulgarian. We were on the second ship last Aug. Receptive. OMEGA KING, and NORDANA ANDREA - All Indian; All Thai. Four Christians on the
first ship. I prayed with one Christian and one Hindu. We visited the second ship last Apr.
The crew used to be all Russian. Now they are all Thai. No Christian on board. They
took the Jesus DVDs. CHONG MING, and PAC ADARA - All Chinese; Chinese, Filipino, and Ukrainian. We
visited the first ship last Jan. The general steward and two other crew knew me from
previous visits on another ship which belonged to the same shipping company. A new
young cadet was very interested in the Gospel. The Holy Spirit helped him to come to the
Lord. We visited the second ship last July. It was very glad to see them again. 6 ships on Tuesday: SIMURGH, CHALLENGE PEGASUS, HIGH MARS, and MARIANAO ICE - All
Filipino; Filipino, and Indian. All Indian; Ukrainian, and Russian. Receptive. Two Christians
on the third ship, general steward and motorman. See attachment for the two Indian
Christians with Steven Chao. They were coming from different language groups, yet they all
looked like they were children of God. SPRING PROGRESS, and DA QING 452 - All Chinese. The first ship was fairly open,
the second ship was very sensitive about the religious issue. I had long talk with the
captain, and he was not ready. But the seed was planted. Steven Chao came from WHCC and helped the ministry today. 8 ships on Thursday: SAGA MONAL, CORAL HIGHWAY, and S. BOTHNIA - All Filipino; Filipino, and
Bulgarian; Filipino, and Russian. All receptive. PADUS RIVER, and THOR NEPTUNE - Croatian, Romanian, and Myanmar; All Thai.
We visited the second ship last Jun. No Christian on board. BW DENISE - French, and Indian. We visited the same ship last year. They still remember
me. There were six Christians on board. Prayed with them and a Hindu. XIANG AN CHENG - All Chinese. An initial visit. We were on this ship last May. SENANUR CEBI - All Turkish. We were on this ship last Aug. The crew was mostly
changed. The new captain was so friendly that he invited us to have a delicious Turkish
meal. He can say a lot of Chinese greetings. We finally end with a prayer and a blessing to
the ship. They wanted us to come back again. See attachment for the four of us. The tallest
is the captain, and the next tallest is the chief officer. Someone doesn't want his name to be known from FBCC came and helped the visiting
MAERSK - All Filipino; Filipino, and Indian; Filipino, Russian, and Ukrainian; Filipino,
Russian, and Danish. We visited the first ship last Jun. Responsive. SONIA - Greek, Polish, Ukrainian, and Indonesian. Responsive. SPRING PROGRESS, TAI HONESTY, and XIANG AN CHENG - All Chinese. Only a
revisit on the first two ships. The first ship won't stay after this week end, but the second
ship will. We planned to have a Christmas caroling on coming Sunday night to the second
ship. We were on the third ship last May. This was also an initial visit. I planned to come
back tomorrow again.
2 ships on Saturday: EXPANDER - Filipino, and Korean. Receptive. XIANG AN CHENG - All Chinese. Two thirds of the crew were new. They all liked the
Chinese Scriptures and the Jesus DVDs. The second officer who was a third officer last
time I met him and the chief cook were really friendly to us. The captain invited Jesus into
his heart to be the Lord and Savior of his life. Wei Bing Lu from WHCC came and helped the ministry today. Thank the Lord.The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit, brothers. Amen. (Gal. 6:18)Your brothers In Christ Tom Malone and Thomas Tao

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